Amazon unveils Echo Show with 7" touchscreen, launches free video and voice calling through Alexa

09 May 2017
Everyone owning an Echo device or using the Alexa app will be able to take advantage of the new voice call functionality.

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  • AnonD-43110

This looks like something Google would prank us with on April Fools... Fail...

I'll not buy a personal assistant unless its like big hero 6

This is one of the concept cool looking in commercial than in reality. Privacy may be an issue lots of intrusion if placed in living space with additional noise. Looks like tablet with big a speaker. Not bad but may not be too hot!

Haha interesting. What is really funny (if we can call it funny or better surrealism) in all these advertisements is, that everything always goes absolutely smooth and perfect and never and nothing ever goes wrong. Hopefully everything in the real life will be exactly like that. (and hey, compliments to the small girl, because it seems that among other things, she likes technology and astronomy like I do!) Haha.

  • AnonD-83364

If you want an inexpensive Assistant with a 7" display like this one. Then just buy an inexpensive Android tablet and install and setup Google Assistant. If you want a really inexpensive Assistant for less than $20 right now. Then pick up the latest addition of the magpi magazine. That magazine #57 gives you a complete Cardboard version of Google Assistant made with a Raspberry PI. You can even buy a Raspberry PI zero with Bluetooth and WiFi for just $10.­ojects-kit-08-05-2017/

Anonymous, 09 May 20178.5.2017: Apple's Phil Schiller says home assistants have to hav... moreYeah, I think Apple was planning a voice assistant with a screen. But guess they are late as usual. Still if Apple unveils even a less capable device it will sell like hot cake, like with the start watches. That's how dumb people are.

  • AnonD-642095

It's boring, almost ugly. Should've made it in the form of a pet.

Hey Amazon, the 1980s want their TVs back.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 May 20178.5.2017: Apple's Phil Schiller says home assistants have to hav... moreYeah the entire r&d and manufacturing was done in a day... Cool I suppose these guys believe That Rome was built in a day

  • JMTM

meh... its alright
wait till google / apple come up with one then people will buy it as it will be
connected more directly with their devices

  • panos

This must be intergrated into the tv there is absolute no reason to have one more gadget device in the house.

  • AnonD-39937

I don't even use Google Assistant on my phone...

  • Anonymous

8.5.2017: Apple's Phil Schiller says home assistants have to have a display
9.5.2017: Amazon unveils Echo Show with display