Green Gionee S10 leaks in hands-on shots, blue model may be on the way too

11 May 2017
The much-leaked device still hasn't become official, but that's bound to happen soon.

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mir, 12 May 2017Of all the good looking phones out there. They decided to c... morehahaha

good, i can still use my iPhone 7 plus case on it

  • Anonymous

originality at its best

  • AnonD-632062

Kd10, 12 May 2017Wow, carbon copy iPhone 7 plus. LOL. No, you're wrong. It's an iPhone 7 Plus with a 3.5mm headphone jack! :P

Wow, carbon copy iPhone 7 plus. LOL.

Of all the good looking phones out there. They decided to copy the ugliest one.

  • AnonD-666414

Everyone Trying To Copy Apple 😂😂

  • Anonymous

china the best at copying others

  • Anonymous

how can gionee use iphone 7 plus as its next flagship?

Full... iPhone copy..pest..😡😡😡

  • AnonD-93439

wow, they even went for the antennas and everything!

  • Anonymous

tats a freaking big fingerprint sensor there

Another apple iphone 7 plus wow

  • Anonymous

Maybe Apple sold them the over stock to make way for new models in 2017.

  • AnonD-510098

Huawei P10 anyone?

Hello iPhone 7 Plus

Perfect look alike of some other phone for Indian people.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 7 Plus

  • Anonymous

Battery should be pretty good if its the p20 and that size. far to similar to the iphone though design wise

I'm sick of those iPhone wannabe. Be original! I'll never buy this kind of phone.