Another OnePlus 5 prototype: 3.5mm jack and antenna lines not visible

18 May 2017
OnePlus seems to be deciding between multiple designs, here's hoping it settles on one with a headphone jack.

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Stop fighting unfightable. It'd be the same as from now on demanding manufacturers to make their phones with physical keyboards. You can demand what you want but it's time to go on.

  • AnonD-632062

Carl Pei has posted a cryptic reply on a tweet in Twitter regarding the headphone jack. As it is OnePlus flagships lack MicroSD card slots. Killing the 3.5 mm headphone jack would be very, very bad.

  • Anonymous

New Updates
From a Fortune Teller

**v1 : Oneplus 5 **
-flat screen - -sd 835 - -with jack - -dual cam ( monochrome ) - IR Blaster-and other features-

**v2 : Oneplus 5 E **
-curved screen- -with ip68- -without jack- -great stereo speakers- -and other features--dual cam ( ultra wide or telepho )- -and others-

choose from the two ^_^

  • Jack outlets

Headphone and USB outlets scratch too easy.
Can you fix that?

  • Noel

I am hoping for a pro/plus 5.7"--6.0" model on top of the regular 5.5" screen one. Since OnePlus just have one main device a year, it makes very good market sense to have two screen size options...maybe both with similar specs or the Pro/Plus model with upgraded specs with a HUGE battery. Common OnePlus...even Apple (former one size fits all OEM) has figured the wisdom of multiple screen sizes and the revenue they generate. So common GUYS...JUST DO IT.

  • AnonD-647900

Woah didn't see that coming.

  • Chandan Kumar Sahni

Hello OnePlus team thanx for giving us mobile for useful

  • AnonD-488240

Anon Z, 18 May 2017Dude, he gets to decide what he does with his money. You may be ... moreI couldn't agree more. My money, My choice.

  • AnonD-488240

I would be very interested in this oneplus 5 more so than the z2 force to replace my axon 7 because of the great software / security support and the most active developer community on xda.

However leaks indicate this op5 will lack the new band 28 (700mhz the new 4G band been heavily deployed in Europe) and now possibly the headphone jack ? It would be a damn shame...

Battery technology sucks, so does Bluetooth reliability (I regularly suffer from several connection drops from my garmin devices to my axon 7 or my laptop), hence I do not favor wireless headphones at this time particularly in a crowded area like the subway where I use my shure with foam tips to isolate myself from the surrounding noise.

  • AnonD-34160

I think One Plus can fit a 5.6"-5.7" 18:9 screen in a body same size or maybe smaller than OnePlus 3/3T. IF they can manage to slim the top & bottom bezels that is to say.
IF they do that, It'd be a killer device, Best of both Worlds.

  • Anonymous

Maybe the jack is on the screen. LOL

  • AnonD-569457

AnonD-646492, 18 May 2017the problem is YOU. You shouldn't have bought a $250 headphone I... moreOr you can get an adaptor for your headphone, if that OP5 is really that good.

shame if they removed the jack, but at least you get to use your expenseive gadget with a adaptor

  • Anonymous

I think the vertical arrangement for dual cameras is really ugly on every phone that has done this. Only Apple has made a dual camera like halfway decent (and I am not an Apple fan).

Of course, the dual camera is also a gimmick, like the megapixel race. If companies want to make better cameras in phones they need to use physically larger sensors (like in the Nokia 808 and 1020), but this creates engineering problems with thickness, so they just sell people gimmicks instead.

  • Anonymous

To all phone manufactures, listen...

"Not buying any phone if it doesnt have a headphone jack"

100% agreed. S8, G6 are the best.

  • ttvdesign

I call fake. It's just duplicating the speaker and camera parts in Photoshop. It's a fairly good fake, but definitely not to be believed.

I kind of like this design but no headphone jack sucks, I guess the Axon 8 will be my next phone then

  • Anonymous

i think this will happen..
2 version of oneplus killer flagship

**v1 : oneplus 5 **
-flat screen -
-sd 835 -
-with jack -
-dual cam ( monochrome ) -
-and other features-

**v2 : oneplus 5e**
-curved screen-
-with ip68-
-without jack-
-great stereo speakers-
-and other features-
-dual cam ( ultra wide or telepho )-
-and others-

choose from the two ^_^

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2017Oneplus is the only company out there which values what its fanb... moreBuys expensive headphones but buys a cheap phone XD

  • Anonymous

Someone Else, 18 May 2017I think it's pretty weird he bought a $250 headphone and then he... moreI picked the LG G6 for this particular reason, the G6 is a perfect compliment to my IE800 ($1000). To the people who think spending $250 on a headphone is a problem, this is the same thing as most people won't pay for a Business class flight ticket, but to those who do and are willing to pay for it, the service and experience is worth the price

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TBH, it looks ugly now. I kinda like the 3/3T design.