Verizon tests prototype 5G tech with Ericsson

23 May 2017
Verizon has been testing its prototype 5G technology and is showing us what it can do in a moving car.

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  • Mister Slow

1Gb/sec may seem fast, but that's just one phone. Each mobile network mask will have 1000s of users connected at the same time. That brings the speed back down to 4G speeds.

I think there is footnote somewhere..... stating speeds only achievable inside a race track. :P

Trump fan 1980, 23 May 2017Awesome possum... to be the first to comment on what amount... moreEdit: when referencing 'GSM network' the final statement should have read go GSM Arena (!). - per original e-author.

  • PoltergeistHunts

Hmm interesting eih. 1-6 Gbps download speed. Let's see what it can do for the market and VZW users.

Anonymous, 23 May 2017High speed internet is another gimmickAnd you are using the internet. What's your excuse?

  • Anonymous

High speed internet is another gimmick

  • Trump fan 1980

Awesome possum... to be the first to comment on what amounts to one of my favorite websites commentaries (even if their writing occasionally consists of spelling errors... note to site: step your game up por favor, not to mention website viewers under comment auspice's)! I view the site daily now, and have recommended it to others.
Soap box speech's aside, I am in fact, a Verizon wireless customer. I take issue with their professionalism at both corporate store's, as well as their authorized retailers. They tend to be unknowledgeable, understaffed, and have come off as mean-spirited. In the past, I, have noticed staff members ridiculing customers at multiple stores (both types), albeit under their breath.
Verizon operators are slightly better, however, I believe it's fair to say that in sum, their operators are a bit of a mixed bag. They range from helpful and/or educated, to odd and/or dimwitted.
Verizon wireless is the most expensive in all the land. The amount of services they provide is typically not competitive with their rivals in my opinion. So, why am I still one of their customers? They have superior wireless network signal strength, surpassing their local counterparts.
In brief: I hope the company rolls out a 5G network for it's customers asap. Thanks guys! Go GSM network!