Verizon tests prototype 5G tech with Ericsson

Enrique, 23 May 2017

Ever since Verizon started offering unlimited LTE data on its network again, it seems like a fire has been ignited under the company. Aside from spending massive amounts of money on new wireless spectrum, Verizon has also been testing its 5G technology for both mobile and stationary use.

Verizon has teamed up with Sweden-based company Ericsson to develop a new 5G infrastructure for the masses. A 5G antenna was mounted to a race car and the throughputs were constantly monitored to around 5+ Gbps speeds with the lower speeds of around 1+ Gbps. Peak download speeds were 6Gbps

They even went as far as (do not try this at home) blacking out the car’s windows and handing the driver a pair of VR glasses that would receive feed from a camera that was mounted onto the roof of the car. Okay, we get it, the speeds are super-fast.

While these speeds are real and achievable today, these likely won’t be realistic once the commercial 5G rolls out. For now, the test is conceptual, and shows that Verizon has been on its 5G game.



Reader comments

  • Mister Slow
  • 03 Oct 2017
  • nI8

1Gb/sec may seem fast, but that's just one phone. Each mobile network mask will have 1000s of users connected at the same time. That brings the speed back down to 4G speeds.

I think there is footnote somewhere..... stating speeds only achievable inside a race track. :P

Edit: when referencing 'GSM network' the final statement should have read go GSM Arena (!). - per original e-author.

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