Xiaomi Mi Max 2 unveiled, aims to be a battery king

25 May 2017
The device comes with Snapdragon 625 chipset and 5,300 mAh power cell.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2017What !!!!! $ 250 for last year SnapD 625.....definately ... moreSnapdragon 660... it would cost 500$ at minimum... completely different price category.

  • Anonymous

i hope it has reasonable prices as max1

  • PAA

Max 1 was already a battery king. 14 hours of heavy duty use is amazing. What I was hoping for is a better camera (hopefully it is) and a fraction smaller size. the Max 2 almost feels like a downgrade with its lower performance and (tiny) increase in size and weight. I almost don't see the point of ditching my Max 1 for the new one.

  • AnonD-672629

AnonD-672629, 27 May 2017Just one word for MI product ,, Mind blowing ,, well done X... moreXiaomi , no one is closer to you even not an iPhone products ;)))

  • AnonD-672629

Just one word for MI product ,, Mind blowing ,, well done Xiaomi keep it up :)) we all love your products

  • AnonD-640375

J o m s, 25 May 2017SD821 + 5K battery could have been perfect...Lmao a flagship soc with a big 5k battery capacity don't make me laugh pigs would fly first

  • AnonD-646953

Anonymous, 26 May 2017let me correct you...Adreno 512 almost equal to Adreno 430 ... moreNo sense to compare 2015's flagship and 2017's mid range. The architecture is quite different and s660 is much more better than s810 in most terms. s660 should rather be compared to kirin960. s660 is an underclocked kirin960, and it's performance is just behind it.

You missed that he called himself :king". Thus I infer that he lived in the 18th century and thus got bothered too much about design then design and then so on.

  • AnonD-544916

625 is enough for me..big battery n large screen more important for my daily life..good Job MI.

  • AnonD-260946

How right you are.

  • AnonD-658925

AnonD-433808, 25 May 2017This is what people need to understand. If I am buying 128 ... moreI couldn't agree more dude. I don't understand why people are so much into updates specially when there isn't any bug in the current version. If it aint broken don't fix it. I think the redmi pro come with 660 with a price tag of about $250 but 5.5 inch screens doesn't really cut it out of me. I need atleast a 5.7". If 5.5" screen doesn't bother you, you can try le pro 3. I hear the new update made the phone a lot better. I guess i will wait for some other chinese company to release a upper midranger with sd 660 and a large display.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2017I do agree with you. But the thing is this phone is suppose... morelet me correct you...Adreno 512 almost equal to Adreno 430 base on Antutu 3D score..
which mean also equal to Snapdragon 810 . So this mean the 2015 top flagship already become same tier with this year 2017 middle range performance.

Adreno 330 is way way lower than Adreno 430.

  • AnonD-661148

Hope next month xiaomi will launch mi max2 prime using 6/128 and sd660 soc. Hope it will happen soon.,.

  • Anonymous

and still not available in Philippines for us gamers -_-

  • Anonymous

it might be OK for lowering the processor because it might also overheat the phone.

  • frerdy

SD625 is an epic fail!

  • Anonymous

S8+ Iphone 7 Plus Killer !!!!!

  • AnonD-305347

Processor is quite weak as compared to mi max. Camera of mi max is 16mp but mi max 2 comes with 12mp. If the mi max 2's camera comes with 16mp with sony's sensor then it would be quite impressable. I think the camera's aperture must be increased with 1.7 aperture. Optional(they would make it water resistant, as redmi has no phone with water resistant)

  • AnonD-433808

AnonD-658925, 25 May 2017What am I going to do with all that battery life if it can'... moreThis is what people need to understand. If I am buying 128 gb phone then I am betting money on it for more than 2 years and for that we need good raw processing power. I don't even need their nonsense MIUI update which are actually a way of maintaining hype of update in lieu of actually providing one.
Hopefully, Redmi Note Pro will give us SD660, 4/128gb combo. Anyone have idea about the price ?

  • Bhaskar

Sir! When mi max2 will launch in india???Plzzz tell...I m waiting for dis phone.....