Gionee announces trio of smartphones - S10, S10B and S10C

26 May 2017
The Gionee S10 has four cameras and 6GB of RAM, the S10B has three cameras and the S10C has two.

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  • David high-class

This phone mad ooo
I love de product

  • Anonymous

Gionee smartphones are heavily overpriced here in Singapore, mainly due to no local distributor yet, so all price marked up... While Oppo and Huawei have gained popularity on the ground it became so common now among Apple and Samsung...

  • Force Majeure

Let me guess, none of these has a screen smaller than 5"?

  • Anonymous

Looks better than my iphone.

  • AnonD-672629

Waiting for some Innovative features ,, hope gionee will make some historical selling around globe 👌 best of luck

  • AnonD-626149

All of them are awesome and definitely rock the market with expected new features... Informative post.

  • AnonD-672530

The S10B is available for sale today not the S10C

  • Hafid

So we have:A Quad Camera (S10), Triple Camera (S10B), and a dual camera (S10C)??
What about the Storage Capacity for the three models??

Yay... innovation is Gionees hallmark.....give them a nobel prize for tech if they ever decide to have one

  • Anonymous

Looks better than my Iphone 7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept ha?

Sort of want... But not REALLY...

Design stolen from Apple. Naming scheme stolen from Samsung. Making three different variant stolen from Xiaomi. Gionee is just really phony.

The S10C is soooooo ugly!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWW!

once i used gionee's ui and it was not at all user friendly. full of choppy animations, fonts not consistent, spelling mistakes and much more.

  • Zoom

Joji04, 26 May 2017Don't think that Gionee has or had a design team or every b... moreMost chinese phones are iPhone clones in looks

  • AnonD-402029

could be better if S10 use helio-X series..

  • AnonD-473660

No one cares what gionee does

  • AnonD-672182

One thing i don't like with Gionee phones is cause of the Amingo UI it sucks....

  • AnonD-672182

i kind of like the S10 with the mediatek p25 soc.