Honor 9 visits TENAA, reveals minor improvements from its predecessor

25 May 2017
This is definitely an evolution of the Honor 8, both in terms of design as well as innards.

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Troll, 27 May 2017They really don't want me to upgrade from a P9You can consider p10 because it's really a nice phone. Your have a nice name by the way..

  • AnonD-652470

Anonymous, 26 May 2017Huawei phones have great battery life.And yeah bit from my understanding that was the case with Honor 8 as well. Until some people noticed it was not getting all the notifications until they put it on performance mode which drastically reduced battery life. And still.. more capacity is always better. I think for $300-400 I may just wait for axon 8 or a competitor as it really isn't very different from Honor 8. The good things are good but the things i would have liked improved have not been where other phones have mitigated those issues I've had.

  • Anonymous

looks like my mi5


  • Troll

They really don't want me to upgrade from a P9

  • AnonD-645188

Anonymous, 26 May 2017Why did they make it taller??Due to the fingerprint scanner on the lower chin

  • AnonD-390711

If this is the 9* it will be a huge disappointment as the the 8s succes was. It looks ridiculous as an upgrade. Shame on you Honor,coming out with a gorgeous phone in 2016 and now this? BLAAAHHHHH

  • AnonD-80657

How can u miss the fingerprint sensor on the front? Hence 1.8 mm taller. Also no fps on the back (like the old one)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-652470, 26 May 2017I was hoping they'd have a bigger battery. Then I would hav... moreHuawei phones have great battery life.

  • Anonymous

Why did they make it taller??

  • Anonymous

is this sony's cousin? that dan* vessel though.

  • AnonD-652470

I was hoping they'd have a bigger battery. Then I would have bought it without thinking twice.