OnePlus launches a poll for retail box design of the OnePlus 5

31 May 2017
You can cast a vote for one of eight proposals on Weibo.

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  • Anonymous

Here is my suggestion. Why can't we have a poll like this dedicated to hardware to satisfy the needs of fanboys? Wouldn't this make it easier for the cold war of the mobile world?

  • AnonD-593883

My thoughts exactly...who cares...

  • thereshegoes

the full red with logo on top or 8/8
is the most sexy one i place my horse on it

Big Daddy, 01 Jun 2017Its a freaking box, who effing cares..?OnePlus apparently cares that we care.

Its a freaking box, who effing cares..?

  • Anonymous

5/8 of pics too

  • Anonymous

The red full stripped one i think

The box should be tatanium built with gold lining and 5 diamonds​ forming a 5 with white gold. Happy?

Typical...viral "marketing" to create more "buzz".

Impressive! Truly a people's phone. Neat little strategy too - customer lock in.

  • Anonymous

xXENDER FREAKXx, 31 May 2017If Sony also listens to their customersWhat you want is not practical.

  • Anonymous

I think this is a waste of time for the polling.

  • AnonD-617820

They're very close to the customer no wonder theyre best chinese vendor

  • Mumbai-Indians

Looks like OP5 will be released late than expected Month of June-2017. Thats why there is no exact release date mentioned anywhere.
So we don't have any option, we have to bare thsee kinds of boring OP5 marketing strategies every day.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-666681, 31 May 2017"Hello 5"? Surely "Hi 5" makes more sense?I'm 99% sure somebody has allready trademarked hi 5

  • Anonymous

AnonD-569198, 31 May 2017Now there's a nice marketing gimmick for sheep to follow.Lol definitely

  • Simon

To be fair all of the first few are pleasantly designed. Not surprised OnePlus asked people for help picking one.

  • Adesh

Box first is very good

  • Jack_12882818

AnonD-666681, 31 May 2017"Hello 5"? Surely "Hi 5" makes more sense?That's actually really good.

Anonymous, 31 May 2017Lol n wat? Be more like Samsung and Apple? Please..At least respect the customers for what they want