OnePlus launches a poll for retail box design of the OnePlus 5

Yordan, 31 May 2017

OnePlus is once again outsourcing some of its decisions to the fans. The company is conducting a poll on Weibo for the design of the OnePlus 5 retail box.

The box will be either in white or red with a “5” on the front. The number could be faded, 3D or the box may come with landscape orientation. One suggestion includes the words “Hello 5” on the front, suggesting that this could be the official slogan of the new flagship.

To help your favorite design win, you must log in on Weibo and cast a vote.

Vote here (in Chinese)


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Here is my suggestion. Why can't we have a poll like this dedicated to hardware to satisfy the needs of fanboys? Wouldn't this make it easier for the cold war of the mobile world?

  • AnonD-593883

My thoughts exactly...who cares...

  • thereshegoes

the full red with logo on top or 8/8 is the most sexy one i place my horse on it