Apple announces watchOS 4 with new watchfaces, improved Workouts, and more

05 June 2017
The new watchOS 4 focuses on watchfaces and better fitness features.

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  • exequielpit

I will wait for the Iphone 8 ( Iphone 7 is not worth the money) to come out and buy a Hermes Apple Watch at the same time.. These updates for the watchos is worth the money..

  • AnonD-632062

Does the Toy Story watchface enable laser beams from the iWatch like Buzz Lightyear! :P

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017WatchOS 4 is the most latest update with the most feature packed... moreIt's not 3 watchfaces only. Seamless connection to major fitness equipments (cue gym rat consumers) and UI overhaul (cue average consumers) are the other two features Apple delivered to masses. As for the others, it's under the hood mostly for developers considering the very purpose of the event is mainly developer first, consumer second.

Don't flame. Flaming doesn't give you likes from objective people, only from trolls. Read the whole report of the events first, then give objective thoughts. I bet you didn't watch the event nor read the whole reports, only read this headline then straight to comment.

  • AnonD-674801

Google Spyware OS wear is dead.

  • AnonD-674989

These smartwatches are a waste of money anyway. Even to producer doesnt want to invest in the product, why should anyone else?

  • Anonymous

WatchOS 4 is the most latest update with the most feature packed features we have ever created...........3 new watchface!! Apple sheep go Yaaaay LOL