Apple unveils new iMac Pro, refreshes MacBooks and iMacs

05 June 2017
Instead of a Mac Pro replacement, we're getting an iMac All-in-One.

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  • Anonymous

imac pro (8-core xeon, vega gpu, 1tb ssd) this is a great base specs.. this will work well with windows using bootcamp.. finaly a mac computer that can handle witcher 3 in maximum settings... imagine having the amd vega gpu makes gaming very smooth.. this is an ideal machine since you can boot to mac side for your serious stuff and windows side for your gaming and fun... but the sad part is even i have the money i will not buy this becuase of the expensive price tag i can assemble a pc with twice the power with this amount... so if there is anyone there who will give me this machine for free i would love you...

  • Anonymous

IMac is expensive they should have at least placed the The Core i7-7820X as their base processor!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017I wish they offered a Ryzen variant. The Intel chips are on... moreI agree they should have offered a Ryzen variant becuase of the number of cores it got compared to Kaby lake Intel processors. More cores means better performance,

  • AnonD-414674

wow. that's cheap for the imacs or maybe am not seeing clearly!

  • Anonymous

I wish they offered a Ryzen variant. The Intel chips are on a completely futureless platform.

  • Anonymous

5k display for only 1800$? wow that's pretty "cheap" and no i am not an apple lover

  • AnonD-647900

Helium, 06 Jun 2017Can't imagine the price of the fully upgraded iMAC Pro! Ma... moreToo little if anything lol

  • AnonD-647900

Only hardcore Apple fans would find this remotely exciting.

  • Helium

Can't imagine the price of the fully upgraded iMAC Pro!
Maybe 15000 or is it too much?

  • ECC

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017The Macbook Pro is not the one that got the Vega GPU, it's ... moreThe efficiency of the geforce gtx and quadro cards is the same,the quadro cards are slightly slower but have ecc memory.
*I'm not 100% sure if what I say is accurate.

  • Lagos

wow these looks like great devices! Thumbs up for Apple making much needed upgrades and price drops

  • Lagos

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Scared of the price? Here's one which is 5x the value of my... more$5k isn't bad at all, considering the cost of PC builds these days. If anything, PCs are getting more expensive while Apple has actually dropped their prices...

Also recently at Computex a $15000 PC CASE was launched... case only... smh

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Again the Mac dispoints me.. NVIDIA came out with drivers s... moreThe Macbook Pro is not the one that got the Vega GPU, it's the iMac Pro which has server grade hardware and is probably aimed at the same type of people who need Quadro graphics cards. 1080Ti won't cut it for those kinds of professionals, they demand more "efficiency" and "accuracy" if i'll call it.

  • Anonymous

Scared of the price? Here's one which is 5x the value of my car. Lmao. Whoever buys these has too much money

  • AnonD-39937

AnonD-294498, 05 Jun 2017No, you can't, that's what was mentioned at the Keynote pre... moreso you say Apple does budget devices? I doubt...anyway until December, when iMac Pro will hit the market, the components will get cheaper

  • Anonymous

Powerful specs. But you can build more powerful PC with this high price.

  • AnonD-598677

apple remind me alan turing

  • Anonymous

Again the Mac dispoints me.. NVIDIA came out with drivers so It can run the pascal GPUs such as the Titan xp , or the 1080Ti but sady the mac once more is not upgradable.. You cannot upgrade hardware The processor again is two generations old when it launches (Kaby Lake is a good processor but for the price Mac is charging they should be installing the upcoming I 9 processors which promises 40% more performance.) Also for AMD fans how come you cannot choose a Ryzen processor.. .. I love the OS but I have always hated how Mac does not allow customization of Hardware. I will still go for Windows even if it is an inferior OS because windows allows me to use the greatest and most powerful hardware around

The Macbook Pro is very expensive . Although I am impressed with the graphics for the Pro since it will cary the Vega. At least when you boot this mac to windows it can handle games, memory intensive software and VR which is I must admit quite a powerhouse. But again the reason why I am not buying the Pro is that for the price I can create a PC with twice the Power , twice the size of the Monitor and better auidio quality. . I have been for a long time waiting for mac to be customizable even if the parts have to come from Mac exclusively .. Mac does not give me the choice of customization I hate to be unethical but I will have to go for hackintosh since NVIDIA has created drivers for the Mac.

  • AnonD-152638

AnonD-505921, 05 Jun 2017I'm pretty sure you can, though. And with a higher quality ... moreI'm not sure, though.
It all depends on the performance of those CPUs, as they are not targeted for single component cosumer home builder market, there is a chance that Apple could have packed performance that has a very bad price-performance ratio for consumers. Intel and AMD do have multi-core consumer CPUs, that can perhaps challange those in the iMac Pro.
And the iMac Pro screens have no real contenders on the consumer market. However trying to match them would result in a bad price-performance ratio. One can get really good monitors for much less.

So perhaps they can't be beaten, but it is certainly possible to at least get close enough in performance for a much lower price.

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