iOS 11 announced: smarter Siri, smaller videos, better UI, louder music

05 June 2017
You can now use Apple Pay over iMessage, make Siri translate to Chinese and navigate indoors.

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  • TSAR777

EX Samsung Fan, 07 Jun 2017And why do you brought two different phone in the first pla... morei am guessing that phone viruses will arive at any time and then the android users will be hurting. i started having severe virus problems on my pc and had to go to mac as my pc was in the shop several times a week. expecting the same for these dmart phones soon.

Basically nothing, only AR support which no one cares about, VR is the feature not AR. Android is undisputed king, iOS typical useless sidekick

  • AnonD-654489

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Not a bad sounding update. And if that satisfaction perce... moreApple laugh fingerprint, then Samsung release fingerprint on their next device. Things like this they are just chasing, never their own ideas.

  • AnonD-632062

Some solid improvements in iOS 11 but IMHO they shouldn't have gone with that new proprietary format for camera-captured images.

  • Anonymous

EX Samsung Fan, 07 Jun 2017And why do you brought two different phone in the first pla... moreSo in other words you never used any of them

  • AnonD-633251

But where's the AirDrop icon gone in Control Center...?

  • SID

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2017No data icon omg hahahahhaah wat????????There is one in GREEN right next to Airplane switch

  • Anonymous

A, 06 Jun 2017It is high time that Apple puts the mobile data icon on the... moreNo data icon omg hahahahhaah wat????????

  • Anonymous

ray finkle, 06 Jun 2017looks a LOT like windows phone....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Anonymous

EX Samsung Fan, 07 Jun 2017And why do you brought two different phone in the first pla... moreYes but no S7 that's game changer.

  • AnonD-97482

Yann, 06 Jun 2017So "new" things and functions in iOS 11: 1. FILES - a copy... moreFILES a copy from windows phone? Seriously have you ever used an android before ? cheers, WP fan....If there is one...

  • AnonD-97482

No apps feature? i think not....

  • EX Samsung Fan

AnonD-675217, 07 Jun 2017Smart Innovations from apple. (sarcasm) You know why? Beca... moreAnd why do you brought two different phone in the first place? Obviously is because the Apple have a better reliable of software and hardware. I used samsung start from (S3, S4, S5 to S6 edge) and i can said the touchwiz UI really lagged alot compared to other android peers.

Rayne , 06 Jun 2017Google can do so much more.. the OS is eating too much of r... moreYes, google (and most importantly, oems) can massively optimize android, but that wont wow the most typical fanboys you see on forums. They need "in your face" or obvious new features to be impressed, but then again, they are mostly looking for excuses to bash the competing os more than anything.

  • AnonD-675217

Smart Innovations from apple. (sarcasm)
You know why? Because Android has it already, even Samsung have split view before.
I have iPhone 6s and Samsung S7, and I think Android is much convenient than iOS.

  • ray finkle

AnonD-654489, 06 Jun 2017I agree, I feel android are still chasing iOS spoken like a true apple fanboy

  • ray finkle

looks a LOT like windows phone....

  • How to Hunt and Gun

Innovation? (Sarcasm). Way too late Apple. I'll stick with Android OS.

  • AnonD-431269

Expect this on next-year-iOS release, by then , it will be the most advanced feature.

  • Simon

I can't believe iOS finally, after all those years got a file manager, lol. Maybe it will be actually possible to download actual files to iOS devices?