Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) and J5 (2017) unveiled: 13MP cams and octa-core processors on a budget

06 June 2017
These stick close to Samsung's 2016 stylings and offer Nougat on a Super AMOLED screen.

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  • Deepak Indorkar

naic mobile phone

  • AnonD-646111

price far j series 2017 according to me
J7 2017- 64GB 3GB RAM Rs 16999
J5 2017- 32GB 3GB RAM Rs 14499
J3 2017- 16GB 2GB RAM Rs 12000
all three smartphone should have fingerprint sensor, Usb type C port,volte,dual sim+micro sd card support,front flash,super amoled display

  • Anonymous, 08 Jun 2017You are correct bro u hv downloaded 10 apps only but over time e... moreErmm you do know that the update replaces the previous app version and does not add on to the storage space right? What people need to do is to clear their cache and sent whatsapp videos and pictures periodically. Also remove any apps that are not used anymore. And store your photos, songs and videos on the SD card.


AnonD-1385, 06 Jun 2017To SOHAIL: I really can't believe you are complaining about 1... moreYou are correct bro u hv downloaded 10 apps only but over time every app gets obsolete and u need download update for it to function. so that 16 gb will get diminished. its safer to have more memory so u hv some apps all the lifetime of phone

AnonD-104084, 07 Jun 2017Android nougat on J series 2017 and A series 2017 still in Marsh... moreThen wait for the Nougat update to hit the 2017 A Series don't make stupid comments. The J Series revealed later than the A Series that's why they got Nougat out of the box

  • Anonymous

One could just buy A3/5/7 instead.

At last! This is a considerable upgrade from last year especially looking at the 1080p screen, brighter camera, and more powerful energy-effcient chipset. They also made a great decision by moving from plastic to metal. The thing is, the price. The J series' prices are getting dangerously close to the prices of the A series. Were the prices of the J-series also like this last year when they were first released?

  • AnonD-655096

Same-song here, Shamesung there, people nowadays invent insult to something that they are insecure with. If you really hate Samsung, why are you one of those people who are commenting on a Samsung post? LOL! You guys are just another trash of the society who doesn't even have any use for this world. Stop wasting your life hating phone brands, Samsung would never notice you even if you curse them for all your life.

  • AnonD-388534

those who are complaining about chipset please stop guyz.. this processor is good one battery efficient....and also samsung exynos is a durable u can easily ise this mobile for 3years... and if u want performance guyz intel i9 is also there please put it in ur phone...guyz this is a phone treat is as a phone not alienware laptop

  • AnonD-104084

Zoom, 07 Jun 2017I'd rather buy a8 2015 sm-a800i instead of this s***7880? Then go buy A series

  • AnonD-104084

Android nougat on J series 2017 and A series 2017 still in Marshmallow? Why Samsung why?

  • Zoom

Polius, 07 Jun 2017Read the title again. Its not a budget phone. It is a phone with... moreOppo sucks

  • Zoom

IronHeart8, 07 Jun 2017Samsung will have to decrease their price if they want sales lik... moreI'd rather buy a8 2015 sm-a800i instead of this s***

  • AnonD-543839

Awesome specifications. In todays this phone is for multimedia amd selfi lover. I love selfi camera with flash amd aMold display. Awesome. Waited for 6 months for this phone. Currently using J5 2015

Samsung will have to decrease their price if they want sales like J7-2016 & Prime versions, also On Nxt which is nothing but J7 Prime 32 GB. Even in 2017 they have OLD processor like ancient 7870, atleast 7880 should've been used, why Samsung??? And 16GB is enough for people who do not use many apps, not for others and 64GB you will get at that price easily ! 15 K-19K INR should've been price of J7 2017 and 10-15 K INR of J5 2017. A-series has better camera, splash proof is not of much use. Too pricey by Samsung but I will wait till they announce the off. prices for Indian market.

  • Roshan

Internal memory now a days 32GB are necessary requirement

AnonD-396163, 07 Jun 2017J7- 2015, INTERNAL MEMORY 16 GB J7- 2016, INTERNAL MEMORY 16 GB... moreYou missed the J7 Prime, same recycled stuff.

  • Anonymous

Battery no longer removable? Really?

  • NoteEdgeBeru

Looks like a Note3 for me.

  • AnonD-146024

That's too pricey for J series