Xiaomi Q2 2017 shipments show healthy growth

12 June 2017
The Chinese company shipped 20 million units, compared to 13M in Q1.

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  • AnonD-647900
  • Y7u
  • 14 Jun 2017

Good for Xiaomi, just wish they didn't have such an ugly official company logo.

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    • Sathish
    • QK3
    • 13 Jun 2017

    Anonymous, 12 Jun 2017Time for Redmi Note 5 with SD 660 Nope.. SD660, could be reserved for much premium range like Mi/S and Xiaomi could stick with Mid range SOCs like 626 / or similar for Redmi note ranges..
    It was their strategy (as well as Mediatek usage restriction in India) for Redmi note 3 to capitalize the market with big value for money thingy.. and this dont go with successive Redmi Note series.. If and all we get Redmi Note 5 with SD660, then it will destroy their upper mid range or it will be more than 16-18k (INR) to carry such premium..

      Well, definitely Xiaomi is gradually rising always a bit more. It offers a wide selection of different phones for all the segments. And what's more important is that almost all its phones are great value for money phones, and especially with a great battery endurance. So a lot of customers are preferring it over the "big brands," most especially the vast and really demanding Indian market (but overall as well).

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        • 12 Jun 2017

        Time for Redmi Note 5 with SD 660