Google Photos removes option to have backups performed only when charging

22 June 2017
Get your pitchforks ready, people - this one has already annoyed quite a few users of the app, both on Android and iOS.

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  • AnonD-647900

"As always, you are also able to choose whether to back up photos and videos while connected to cellular data - if you turn both of those toggles to Off, then backups will only happen over Wi-Fi," isn't there a Wi-Fi option to only upload on non-cellular networks?

  • AnonD-632062

Alma, 23 Jun 2017Can you stop google photos altogether. I would like to save all... moreTrue. This new development gives another reason to avoid automatic cloud syncing and go for manual control over your files.

  • AnonD-429732

I don't get why they are doing away with such a useful feature. Makes no sense at all.

  • Minklakefisher

I still have the only when charging option. Build number

  • Anne

Right, if we are to complaining will set a Facebook account or if someone can do it qwuicker I.e. I am 72 so it will take time but I dont think we should let vgoogle get awaywith it.

We came to Spain 7 years ago and our lives are all on Picasa. B****D's

There is always something that takes your time up whether you are restored like us or at work

  • Alma

Can you stop google photos altogether. I would like to save all my photos to a hard drive and edit them offline. Then I could control what is happening. HOW DO I DO IT, PLEASE

  • Mike

They also removed the overlay icon in the Photos app which showed which photos are backed up in the cloud. Hard to understand why is Google removing useful features.

YES absolutely! Hopefully a lot of users will complain, me first. To hopefully they (Google) will bring the lost feature back.

what is this, desperate to get people's photos before we have a chance to delete one?

  • Tortieterror

I too want this feature back as when im often places where battery gets eaten by phone searching for signel. I dont need a extra drain on battery life. A feature to plan back up time would help be prepared. Not sure complaining here is answer though. Need to aim it at Google.

  • AnonD-77441

I still have it in version

  • AnonD-139366

if it ain't broken, don't fix

  • Anonymous

Why remove something like that? this feature should also be in google play store, otherwise you need to manually start downloading updates when you are going to charge, now photos sync too, seems google is going backwards here.

  • gbhildebrand

I want the "backup only when charging" feature back. Trying to get the most out of my battery everyday is challenging enough, and only gets more difficult by removing this option. Please restore this feature, Google.

  • Anonymous

dont get the point of this update

  • AnonD-10909

Or simply dont update the app 😂

  • AnonD-166545

Wow, stupid move, Google. Who's the moron who made this decision? Definitely won't be updating the app.

  • itisgaurav

Google developers, please bring it back!