OnePlus 5 defeats HTC U11 and Galaxy S8 in battle of Snapdragon 835s speed test

24 June 2017
20 apps, 1:52 minutes for the OP5, Galaxy S8 needs 2:19 minutes.

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  • elyte

I'm sorry, but this test is pretty much useless (and misleading). Every UI/UX developer will notice this immediately.
The main factor here are the zoom-in & zoom-out animations/transitions when entering/exiting apps (time in which user is blocked). This is UX preference setting, not a performance thing! The S8 clearly has enter/exit animations set to a significantly longer duration (looks to be around 0.5 sec). When you enter&exit 20 apps in 2 rounds, that's 40 secs(!) in total spent only in transition animations. The U11 has no exit transition whatsoever, with only negligible enter-app transition. The O5 transitions are also significantly faster, especially the exit transition does not look to be above 0.2s.
Other factors are network load and human factor ofc.
It should also be noted that O5 has about half of the native pixels as others to render with same rendering HW and has far more RAM (which at that ranges should not be that much of a factor with current Android versions (without tweaks), still could have impact though).
If you want a test with at least some informative value, please turn off the enter/exit app transition animations.

  • Jordan30589

acemang, 27 Jun 2017What your really saying is any phone faster than op3t will be sn... moreThats not true, I dont know about the U11 because I havent checked lately, but the 3T has beat the S8 in every speed test that Ive seen.

7UIS, 27 Jun 2017Excuse me, but grab a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Exynos) and flash the f... moreYea and then do the same with the one plus 5 and you've just lost your own fight :)

Think mate. Think.

  • Asad Jillani

Htc has 6 gb of ram and 1 + 5 have 8 gb thats not fair if you want to compare compare with same specs and 1 + 5 is a copy cat of iphone 7 plus if a person wants to buy 1 + 5 then he should buy S8 because the price is only a bit higher and the quality , specs , storage capability much better think about it .
I think personally 1 + 5 disappointed me and many other by coping the apple products .

Now, comparing a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon) to the others it's only about the software optimizations that will make the difference at the end and this way the OnePlus 5 will win, of course.

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2017How is it a chats if it's actually making the phone faster every... moreExcuse me, but grab a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Exynos) and flash the following things:

- a TWRP Recovery
- an optimized TouchWiz-based ROM
- a debloater (to clean the ROM)
- a good Kernel (Boeffla's, for example, if there's one compatible)

And, if there's any driver possible to update (like my S5's GPU driver), the S8 will become a monster! But it needs only those 4 things to improve its performance. Then, compare it to an OnePlus 5 (also modified, if you want). I like the brand new OnePlus 5, but I think the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Exynos) has more potential because of its GPU.

  • Anonymous

So this is a test in which some dude manually launches apps with his finger and times how long it takes? Um, that is so unscientific it's ridiculous. He could just be slower moving his finger with one phone. (Or maybe he was paid by OnePlus to move faster on the OnePlus 5, since OnePlus is known to cheat on speed tests.)

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2017Didn't know movie buffs watch on phones. Why not a TV or a table... moreIts reasonable when you buy a flagship range phone and your ipad is being kidnapped by your mother to binge netflix...and tv is stuck in sports or news.. Courtesy of dad...

  • Anonymous

Whatever, OnePlus was already caught cheating on benchmarks with phones they gave to reviewers on the day the phone was announced. They tweaked the phones for reviewers to get inaccurately high scores on the benchmarks. (And they had already done this and gotten caught with OnePlus 3T.)

So they gave this guy a phone and knew what he would be doing with it. Chances are they did something to the phone just to look good on this test. Reflects nothing in general about the speed of the phone.

When you cheat and are caught and then cheat and get caught again, you leave zero reason for anyone to trust you. They are like the VW of phone companies. Except there is no government organization overseeing this kind of testing, like there is with cars. If there were, OnePlus' phones would be recalled.

At the end of the day, OnePlus makes fine phones. But they are so much more hype than substance. I don't trust them on anything.

Jordan30589, 26 Jun 2017People that say speed doesnt matter are completely wrong. I had ... moreWhat your really saying is any phone faster than op3t will be snappy and a joy to use. All this phones are.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-615868, 26 Jun 2017Your comment is irrelevant. Why? Because you can choose 1080p as... moreThat display still runs at 1080 for everything except 4k content. Which I suppose isn't there in case of Mobile games atleast.....

  • Anonymous

Alex, 26 Jun 2017You're right, it's not 0.16. It's 0.18 seconds. 3.6 seconds diff... moreUse it for a year. It'll become 4.5 seconds per app. That is a disaster...

  • Anonymous

No use it loading apps and Web pages a couple seconds faster if you can't get it output good audio quality, let alone good camera quality. Phones a joke at £500 a discounted s8 goes for £100 more online with double the length of warranty and camera /audio

  • Alex

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2017It's not 0.16 ... It's a few second. Most/all of your apps get c... moreYou're right, it's not 0.16. It's 0.18 seconds. 3.6 seconds difference for 20 apps. That's 0.18 seconds per app. Unless you're using your phone so that you open 20 apps, you close them all, and then you open them again. Then it's 0.45 seconds difference, per app.
It's a catastrophe, isn't it?

  • Anonymous

HTC U11 would have been my next phone, but im not going to buy phone without 3.5mm jack.

  • AnonD-615868

D8Sen, 26 Jun 2017s8 is the first sd835. and then htcu11 then 1+5. of course every... moreYes fair enough, because SONY ZXP also has 4 gigs of RAM but still faster than 1+5.

  • joban

Xz premium beats these all phones

  • AnonD-615868

AnonD-666487, 26 Jun 2017s8 is still slower than 10 months old i7Maybe because it has a lot of features than Iphon 7/7plus. If there's flat screen model for it, I will definitely buy one. Hopefully note 8 has

  • AnonD-615868

george, 26 Jun 2017It is kind of stupid to compare these phones since the Oneplus i... moreYour comment is irrelevant. Why? Because you can choose 1080p as the default screen resolution of S8/S8+. Another phone with 4K display which one plus 5 can't beat on speed test is the sony Xperia XZ Premium. See PHONE BATTLES video on YouTube if you don't believe my statement

  • AnonD-666487

D8Sen, 26 Jun 2017s8 is the first sd835. and then htcu11 then 1+5. of course every... mores8 is still slower than 10 months old i7