Moto Z2 Play comes with ZUK's ZUI in China

28 June 2017
The rumors we heard at the beginning of the year were true after all.

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  • AnonD-90571

people buy a Motorola phone just because of Stock Android. If they put ZUI in Motorola they will be destroyed by themselves

  • leo sk

Zuk is launching a mobile in india, cant say its dead

  • mike

Zui is not so bad, but compared to stock Android that Motos now have, it's no comaprison. I own two Zuks and custom roms fly on them, while Zui is marginaly slower. I would never ever install Zui on a Moto Z for example. The only thing that really sucks on custom roms and is quite good on Zui is the camera. Everything else is much better.

  • AnonD-680658

Please Lenovo plizz dont ruin anymore moto 😂