MediaTek unveils system on a chip to power the Internet of Devices

29 June 2017
The new chip supports all the relevant bands used worldwide (narrow band IoT).

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  • Oliver Smith
  • MXj
  • 03 Feb 2021

Exactly! I didn't realize Mediatek was powering so many of my smart home devices and now that I know it is very impressive indeed

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    • Max
    • Mvv
    • 30 Jun 2017

    In this day and age any specific piece of IoT hardware is irrelevant - the only thing that matters is what standard it uses to communicate. Props for not saying a single word about that... ZWave? Zigbee? LoRa? Hypa Supa Mesh-Bluetooth-On-A-Stick?!? Something entirely new...? All we know is "it's not WiFi". Well, while you're perfectly right about power, people would do well to keep in mind there's a very good reason the ESP8266 got as ludicrously popular as it did...

      Ohh good from MTK.

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        • Anonymous
        • ibp
        • 29 Jun 2017

        I dunno, maybe only me excited too see such full frequency band support in such tiny size.. I've made a 20x30mm and still not all band.. Damn, this just shows what big company can do..

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          • troublemaker
          • UD{
          • 29 Jun 2017

          now troubleshooting will be a little bit complex

            Soon, a company will come out with brain assistance.