Galaxy Note8 design revealed by case maker

29 June 2017
The transparent cases leave little to the imagination.

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  • alnath

-NEOPHYTE-, 23 Jul 20171. Cleaning fingerprints off is really not a taxing activity, do... moreI agree that wireless charging it's more convenient for anyone, but a common mistake is to let the phone overcharge by night. The battery should be kept from 10-20% to 80-90% for a longer life endurance. A recommendation that I never heard from any manufacturer.

DNeighbor, 21 Jul 2017Attractive? I do not want a fingerprint ridden glass back. It's ... more1. Cleaning fingerprints off is really not a taxing activity, don't blow it out of proportion.
2. Wireless charging is more convenient.
3. Regarding heat from fast charging, every phone generates heat when charging, maybe more when Fast Charging, but the fact that glass dissipates it much better than plastic or metal kinda dissolves your argument about materials.
4. Yes, me (along with MANY other consumers) would rather carry around a secondary power supply so that our phones aren't HEAVY all the time whilst we use them. Also, you can just charge them when you're asleep, it's not hard. Here are the results of a poll conducted just 4 DAYS AGO on phoneArena:­refer-a-battery-case-or-a-power-bank_id96189

At the end of the day, I couldn't care less about what YOU prefer. The fact that you are part of the minority in the consumer pool is all I am trying to point out.

-NEOPHYTE-, 21 Jul 2017Again, you're only looking at the negatives. Consumers wanted BE... moreAttractive? I do not want a fingerprint ridden glass back. It's silly. Wireless charging as an excuse is plain nonsense as it does NOT charge faster than wired, and contributes more heat. More heat means lessening battery life in the long term.

Fast charging? Again, puts more heat and stress on the battery = shorter life.

OMG. You said it - you like carrying that extra thing to charge - a big @$$ powerbank. Another thing to buy and charge. Bottom line is, these thin shiny and fragile "attractive" smartphones' battery can't last a day - all in the name of being "beautiful".

I'd rather have a thicker phone that gives me more battery life, with sturdier protection any day. Note 4 was the last great Galaxy Note.

DNeighbor, 20 Jul 2017Would you want longer battery with or shorter battery capacity a... moreAgain, you're only looking at the negatives. Consumers wanted BETTER LOOKING PHONES.

You asked me about wanting longer battery life (i.e. bigger battery). No, because fatter phones are ugly and heavier. Less battery life BUT phone LOOKS SLEEKER and RECHARGES FASTER.

You asked me about fragile build or tougher build. I'll just say glass looks MUCH better than metal ESPECIALLY because it doesn't have ugly antenna lines...however I don't mind, either is fine. The specs are far more important because I don't go around dropping my phone everywhere, if so THAT'S WHAT CASES ARE FOR. Sure, the phone's more fragile BUT IT'S MORE ATTRACTIVE.

You asked me about frequent charging. Well if I did have to charge my phone every 6 hours, first of all I would reduce the hours I spend on my phone and secondly I would invest in a POWER BANK...because I'm not stupid. Oh, and you conveniently left out the fact that phones recharge quite quickly now, stop picking and choosing your bias. More charges are needed BUT the phone RECHARGES FASTER and FEELS LIGHTER and LOOKS SLEEKER.

You asked me about service centre waiting times and higher fees. I've never had a battery problem but my friend did and he just sent in his phone and got it replaced. I thought those are what warranties are for??? What year are you living in? OK, battery can't be replaced by you anymore BUT now it shouldn't have to be as phone is WATER AND DUST RESISTANT.

Yes your right, the masses DO prefer nicer looking phones...I never said I agreed with them. Don't put words in my mouth. I simply meant that from the neutral perspective of an average consumer, those were the more obvious choices.

-NEOPHYTE-, 19 Jul 2017I never said it was a good change...I just meant that times have... moreWould you want longer battery with or shorter battery capacity a thinner profile?
- No brainer there...

Would you want more fragile or tougher build?
-No brainer there...

Would you want to keep charging very 6 hours, or WHOLE DAY no worries about battery?
- No brainer there...

Do you like going to a service center and wait for hours or even for days and pay a heftier amount, or you can change the battery yourself by just buying a battery?
- No brainer there...

I already had the Note7, and have used an S7 Edge. S7 Edge with giant crack after a 0.5M fall by my wife. Note7 never lasted me more than 12 hours to supplement my workflow as an extra screen/hotspot/music.

The masses like you think it's great to have a lesser battery performance and fragile device than even a mid-ranger. Water-resistance would even fail if you have the battery changed. Gorilla glass will break and you need to cover it up with with plastic and rubber if you don't want to spend close to $300 just to change the screen because you think you'll NEVER drop it.

This is one big DUH for the mobile industry is going... following the business model of Apple to make sure the battery sealed (hence you need to come back for it to be fixed), and making it more fragile with curved glass (therefore more money with repair and parts).

DNeighbor, 02 Jul 2017Yeah and you think having sealed batteries is revolutionary? ... moreI never said it was a good change...I just meant that times have moved on and that we should stop clinging onto old ways of doing things.

It was either water-proofing or removable batteries. More consumers wanted water-proofing and to be frank it's a no-brainer.

It was either thick, heavy phones with long battery life or slimmer, nicer looking phones with less battery life but quicker recharges. More consumers wanted better looking, better feeling and lighter phones. Again a no-brainer.

It'll soon be 'No bezels for aesthetics vs Bezels for practicality' and using history and past events as an indicator I think many of us already know which will win.

Stop looking at only the negatives of technological evolution and start supporting change and adapt. You might actually enjoy it. :)

  • chachos

technological bottlenecks will always limit things going your way...but you could try out the high spected xz premeum that hardly lives upto its hype

-NEOPHYTE-, 01 Jul 2017LMAO u think this is 2012?!? Please wake up XDYeah and you think having sealed batteries is revolutionary?

It's a step backwards. If you are into the whole water-resistance, there would be cases for that. But just having sealed batteries that are limited to just the diminishing capacity they have are terrible.

I'd like to see it bumped up to 5000mAh, that would truly guarantee a while day's use without charging.

Fast charging just makes it deteriorate faster.

Even with no fast charging implemented, a year after would reduce the capacity to 70 to 80%. Sure you can have it replaced, but now that water-resistance you just bought will be useless.

It even makes sense to have removable batteriesI do you can visually inspect it every three months if it's starting to bulge. Replacement by buying a new one is always the better option.

  • Renos

Clearly Samsung doesnt even care at all about what people think that's why the fingerprint scanner is up in the sky where only NBA players over 2 meters tall with huge fingers can reach. Sorry Samsung i don't think you are a serious company anymore. Will check for a company that respects the customers and doesn't...explode!

  • Anonymous

As ugly as Iphone 7 plus

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2017Sammy never listen to people's complain obviously . Same stupid ... morePeople complained that the the fingerprint scanner was NEXT TO THE CAMERA. It isn't next to it in these CLEARLY they did listen. People didn't complain about REACHING the FP scanner. Bet u just couldn't afford the S8 and blamed it on the FP placement. Shame.

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2017This same design....getting boring...You mean the design that was only introduced this year? Please give me another brand that puts out 2 completely different designs within 6 months...I'll wait.

Can't you just be reasonable? Apple's kept the same design for three years. THREE YEARS.

unkown, 30 Jun 2017it must have a removable batteryLMAO u think this is 2012?!? Please wake up XD

Like everytime note is going to be a boxier version of s series..

  • unkown

it must have a removable battery

  • Anonymous

This same design....getting boring...

  • AnonD-102007

Wow, how hard is that fingerprint reader gonna be to reach? I do suppose the Note is a two handed phone anyway. will be interesting to see the screen size...maybe 6.5inch+

  • John

AnonD-548804, 29 Jun 2017Why do people care about some stupid finger print scanner or any... moreIf you have personal files,social media accounts,shooping accounts linked to credit cards you have to have security enabled on your phone. I unlock my phone over 100 times a day...therefore the position of the fps is very important. Just my 2 cents.

  • AnonD-632062

Anyone notice the S-Pen inspired "8" wallpaper? :P

  • AnonD-244086

It's not ugly it's dame designer as s8