Nokia and Xiaomi sign a collaboration agreement

05 July 2017
The two companies will license each other’s patents and will exchange knowledge on Internet of Things.

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  • Jerry101923

Nokia, why... That's a huge mistake for you!
Usually cooperating is good, but for Xiaomi, even if you can't beat them, don't join them. You must regret.

  • AnonD-579440

This could be the start of Nokia's resurrection to mobile dominance once again. While also helping xiaomi recapture the lost marketshare they have seen in to the other big Chinese manufacturers over the last few yrs. Really does seem like a win win to me. I know the mi6 has answered back at the build quality & durability that saw them get canned for the mi5. But idk what people expect to get when getting high end soc & more than acceptable & comparable software &hardware specs than flagship phones from companies like samsung? Obviously there has to be some cost saving measures in place to sell a similar spec phone at half to a 3rd of what other oems are charging. That being said,even though an mi5 may not handle a bend test or dunk in water as well as a samsung, I bet you they would fair a whole lit better after a small drop to concrete than an s7e or s8 would. I know my money would be on the mi5. I'm amazed at how well made the redmi pro is that I paid around 150$ for & only thing it really lacks to say a note5 is ois & 2k screen. Yes the s pen but no1 else has that either other than lgs rubber stylus but the x25 gives comparable performance to the note 5 & s7 than the very mediocre specs of the cheaper lgs.I think a metal body is a better material for a phone than glass anyway.

Sigh... Nokia decides to betra... Huh?

Um... Network... Infrastructure? Why??? I mean, it's not like Xiaomi makes network equipment... Why care? And why Nokia and IoT...?

  • AnonD-4837

mmj321, 05 Jul 2017Nokia is gearing up to FINNISH the KoreansHahaha. Love it.!

  • Carol

AnonD-241270, 05 Jul 2017ahahah, what patens Nokia own today?! ten? twenty?! bec... moreMicrosoft owns no patents of Nokia. Your knowledge is comparable with an 10 years old. Nokia sold factories, and gave patent rights to microsoft. They owe pretty much everything a mobile phone is. I understand fanboysm, but at least learn before cracking some ignorant words;).

  • Carol

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2017Soo... 5G-enabled phones? Since Nokia is a network company... moreI highly doubt that! 5g need the networks first to be able to lift off. To have the technology is not enough. As for 5g, well in 5 years, maybe, if not 10.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2017Noooo, Xiaomi don't do this. Exactly my thoughts, leave Nokia alone, don't still this guys too. I mean, come on Nokia, you can do better then this. May the chinese be a lot, but have a bit of dignity.!!!!

  • Csrol

Mzma PIB, 06 Jul 2017This between Xioami & Nokia and not as some IDIOT here ... moreActually HMD are the only ones allowed to make Nokia phones and they are Fins;). Get your facts straight;).

  • Anonymous

Soo... 5G-enabled phones?
Since Nokia is a network company and not a phone manufacturer (HMD is), i guess that's what they are trying to do.
Maybe MiMix 2 will have 5G?

  • Anonymous

Good to see them making deals with more respectable companies unlike that Microsoft fiasco... This could be good for both Xiaomi and Nokia.

  • AnonD-40493

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2017NoXia is more like itThat was a horrible pun...
I love it!

  • AnonD-40493

Well, you know what they say: If you can't beat them, join them...

  • AnonD-675204

piyusha mechelen, 06 Jul 2017Biggest mistake by Nokia, Chinese companies are cheater an... moreVolvo is owned by China
Hasselblad is owned by China

Just so you know.

  • robogo

Mzma PIB, 06 Jul 2017This between Xioami & Nokia and not as some IDIOT here ... moreI agree, Nokia is mostly a network infrastructure developer and manufacturer, HMD is the phone manufacturer - they're not the same company.

  • android

Nokia just cant compete with Xiaomi and already crowded android market
luckily nokia is not just a smartphone oem but a networks company too
winning or loosing in smartphone oem race is not going to kill Nokia unlike other 100% smartphone OEM companies

Nokia already has a decent record on windows
right now the wisest option will be like [giving options] for the consumers
Nokia Windows phones and tablets and laptops and TV for business customers [like the old E-Series Nokia above 500 USD high range]
Nokia Android phones for android lovers [above 100 USD mid range and 500 USD high range]
Nokia Tizen phones for handsets below [below 100 USD
this will be a great great marketing strategy for Nokia

  • piyusha mechelen

Biggest mistake by Nokia,
Chinese companies are cheater and expert in piracy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2017sony will be beaten againJust show off all the Xiaomi's high-tech, don't talking to others.

This between Xioami & Nokia and not as some IDIOT here think between Xiaomi & HMD, China (current license holder to make Nokia Phone)..

  • Commentator

Bailey, 05 Jul 2017There is always someone in the comments that think they kno... moreAre that patients still alive?

Nokia is not great? Ofc when you guys don't know Nokia Networks is in Top 5 biggest player in telecommunication equipment field, slightly behind Ericsson (or do you confuse Ericsson with Sony Ericsson/Sony?). This article is not about smartphones. Keep quite when you know nothing.