LG to announce the V30 on August 31 at IFA

13 July 2017
LG has set the date for its next flagship smartphone.

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  • Assnonymous

Non-removable battery BOOO!!!

  • rich watarious

Huawei Mate 10 could have the fastest fingerprint and fastest phone of the year. But over all best phone could go to LG V30 or Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone 8. The competition of 2nd flagship phones of the year will be so tight esp. As they are all going the same display ratio. I call it "THE BATTLE OF THE TITANS".

  • rich watarious

indeed this phone seems very promising. it seems to have the title of the phablet of the year 2017

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017Removable batteries are useless on non smartphone, never us... moreNot really. Nokia Symbians benefitted from removable batteries. Me and my friends even had 3 each at one time.

Because of actual heavy use. Not the light usage passed off by Samsung users as heavy use on their phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017Right, Still using my LG G2 no issues.Just but a new battery for mine after pulling off back cover with my fingernail and throwing away rhe old battery. And higher capacity microsd card as well.

  • Anonymous

mir, 14 Jul 2017The LG G2 had a sealed battery. You rarely had people compl... moreBut my non US LG G2 had removable battery and expandable storage lol.

  • Anonymous

mir, 14 Jul 2017The LG G2 had a sealed battery. You rarely had people compl... moreRight, Still using my LG G2 no issues.

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017Yep. Losing 30% of the total charge is the opposite of fun.... moreThe LG G2 had a sealed battery. You rarely had people complain about that though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017That "outdated" hardware still can run everything (For exam... moreActually 8890 is oftenfaster than SD835... So you have that...

  • Anonymous

leledumbo, 13 Jul 2017> Batteries have limited lifespan (2 years) Nope. ... moreYep. Losing 30% of the total charge is the opposite of fun. And that's exactly what happens when you use your phone a lot (seen it in multiple phones)


Lithium batteries are consumables. Sealing them in is forcing you to upgrade often, or hope that the manufacturer still repairs an old phone. It binds you. Also you lose infinite autonomy (keeping spares in your car , or wallet means you never get in situation without battery life)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-635604, 13 Jul 2017If it is removeable battery smartphone, no water-resistance then.S5 had both.

That's a false myth.

  • Anonymous

noti5me, 13 Jul 2017I have a simple suggestion for you. Motorola transistor wa... moreRemovable batteries are useless on non smartphone, never used them there.

Removable batteries only make sense to something that last 5-6 hours (like most smartphone) and is indispensable to you (my phone is my main computer), so losing uptime would be disastrous.

Removable batteries were useless up until 2011, they still are to devices like the one you referenced. Every invention has its use if you misuse it it's the same as if it never existed.

Ie tour suggestion is terrible. Never suggest a device with removable battery when said device is not indispensable. It makes it unnecessary bulky (seriously if the battery was sealed, said product would had been much smaller) without giving anything of importance.

Removable batteries on portable computers removes downtimes (either due to dead battery, or charging). It completely solves autonomy. Never buy a phone/computer with autonomy issues (6 hours screen on time that most phones have is ridiculously low, I spend most of my day on my phone, I'm travelling salesman).

  • Anonymous

leledumbo, 14 Jul 2017Fortunately I'm in the change-at-most-every-3-years-or-comm... moreThat "outdated" hardware still can run everything (For example Note 4 can run GTA San Andreas perfectly, like the S8). And today there is no big difference between different generation phones (S8 has the same camera as S7, the performance (especially single core) of CPUs from 2016-17 like Snapdragon 820 and 835, Exynos 8890 and 8895 have marginal difference).

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017You are just trying to justify the non-removable battery co... moreFortunately I'm in the change-at-most-every-3-years-or-commonly-every-2-years-even-1-year-is-possible, so I have no problem with non-removable battery. I have more problems with outdated hardware.

  • Anonymous

leledumbo, 14 Jul 2017> Yeps, they have. Still nope for your original short... moreYou are just trying to justify the non-removable battery concept, because your phone has non-removable battery. After about 2 years, the degradation of batteries exponentially speed up. It means the phone will be less and less usable. And not everyone want to waste money on new phones every 2 years. Not everyone obey to the planned obsolescence.

Also, if the phone manufacturer/service no longer supports the phone, they won't replace the battery or make new battery anymore, you are out of luck with your non-removable battery phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-114814, 13 Jul 2017lg haters trolling here..Don't be a blind fanboy. Why didn't you protect and praise the V20 and G5 last year? Those are good LG phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2017Who cares about water resistance? People who don't want to ... moreWhen people got caught in rain, they want to go indoors anyway. And you can't operate the capacitive touchscreen when it's wet. I would have thought that was common sense, apparently not.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2017>> Batteries have limited lifespan (2 years) > ... more> Yeps, they have.

Still nope for your original shortened claim. My nope refers to "nope, not in 2 years", but yep in a longer time.

> A) B) C)

Indeed, that's why device lifetime can be considered limited to 3 years (some people even change every 6 months), which is enough time to say that a device is out of date.

But if LG continues to remove features from V series, then what's the point of having V series when it is so similar to the G series???

  • AnonD-635604

AnonD-632062, 13 Jul 2017The Samsung Galaxy S5 which was released more than 3 years ... moreMaybe..