LG V30 to have OLED screen, come to Europe

13 July 2017
LG will finally bring the V series to the Old Continent.

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  • AnonD-647900

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Yes. Replaced by an additional device that is 3x thicker th... moreI feel your pain but that's just how it is now, your only options are power-banks, fast chargers, and battery cases. And I don't know what smartphone you're using but mine is still perfectly functional after close to three years (come this September) of heavy usage.

  • koblihcz

Wrong. LG V10 was officialy lauched in EUROPE. Only CZECH, SLOVAKIA, ITALY and PORTUGAL were interested in V10. Maybe due to large screen, which is not mainstream demand feature. V20 was not included in EUR, mainly due to G5 disappointment at that time. But G6 seel-out is more than good. EUR is having good numbers, mainly due to lower price compared to S8. V30 sounds promissing. Brand new OLED technology, much more advanced then POLED used in GFlex and GFlex2.

And if glass body any alluminium bezel, also dual cam with wide angle, secondscreen for fast multitaking and good price - I like it.

  • AnonD-237381

AnonD-114814, 13 Jul 2017lg haters trolling hereWhat? I use a phone with an AMOLED display, I've had burn-in before, and this is a known fact about that technology that not only do burn-in, it also suffers from color banding over time and there's also problems with screen uniformity, I really like AMOLED displays, but it's just not as durable as an IPS LCD and that's a fact.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-647900, 14 Jul 2017So it's final, no more removable battery on any flagship/hi... moreYes. Replaced by an additional device that is 3x thicker than the phone and is inconvenienced with a charging cable. Making it two devices to be charged nightly. And causing a perfectly functional phone to be thrown away 2 years after being bought.

It's called a power bank.

  • fonedude

pukemon, 14 Jul 2017Maaaan. I was really hoping LG bucked the trends and kept ... moreYes! Someone should do a Kickstarter. It would definitely get support. Here's what I would want:

6 inch FLAT amoled screen
Not tall, standard 1440 x 2560 pixels
Minimal bezels
Removable battery at least 4000mah (waterproof door for battery is tricky but possible)
SD card
IR blaster
OIS rear camera, low light capable
Front facing speakers
Headphone jack
Front fingerprint sensor
Not sure about materials...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017I have seen several Samsung AMOLED screens burn in after 1-... moreRIP LCD at long last !

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017I have seen several Samsung AMOLED screens burn in after 1-... moreNot seen any IPS screens that can hold a candle to a Samsung QHD AMOLED screen.

AnonD-657131, 13 Jul 2017Why did u buy S6 edge if u dont like edge screens -_-Its only after using for a while that I knew how impractical they are for someone who uses it a lot as a work tool.

  • AnonD-248589

pukemon, 14 Jul 2017Maaaan. I was really hoping LG bucked the trends and kept ... moreThe way to tell bin quality of OLED panels is how high the brightness is certified to go.

  • AnonD-248589

Even the Chinese bottom feeder Doogee is using AMOLED, LCD is dead.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2017 I have no trouble with AMOLED displays , in fact I love A... moreI have seen several Samsung AMOLED screens burn in after 1-2 years of usage. Moreover, the burn-in doesn't only mean that you can recognize an image/UI element burned in the screen. It also means discoloration. The colors of AMOLED screen gets distorted over time and it will be horrible, ugly, tinted.

There is no significant difference between IPS and AMOLED in regards to viewing angle. Also, IPS can be brighter than AMOLED because it has white backlight. It also has whiter white, while AMOLED's white has some tint. AMOLED uses the inferior PenTile subpixel arrangement to help against the burn-in (but it still burns in) which makes the screen pixelated, has lower resolution (less pixels) than what is advertised.

The reason why people prefer AMOLED is that they got brainwashed by the reviewers (marketing), so they wrongly think AMOLED is better and they want oversaturated colors.

  • AnonD-595987

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2017 I have no trouble with AMOLED displays , in fact I love A... moreThe first OLED TVs started shipping in 2013. For now they're only made by LG Display (although Sony is starting to sell LG-made OLED TVs too)

Nokia 730 Oled Screen Concept, midway between Amoled. Poor to start with!

  • AnonD-647900

AnonD-237381, 13 Jul 2017It'll be a burn-in festival! I'm extremely cautious with bu... moreYeah especially since the secondary screen is going to be on all the time.

  • AnonD-647900

So it's final, no more removable battery on any flagship/high-end devices anymore. Better not hear about readers on this site begging for this feature because it's gone forever lol

Maaaan. I was really hoping LG bucked the trends and kept removable battery. OLED is a much welcome feature. For your guys sake I hope it is a tier 1 type and not the rejects. Anyways, they could've kept the removable battery and still added wireless charging. Still don't know is why they never offered a back with a wireless receiver for the V20. Definitely would've had to give up the metal but the trade off would've been nice. Personally I was hoping for an OLED screen it keeping the basic design of the V20 but with a much better bottom speaker or even better front facing stereo speakers. I really love the plastic top and bottom with metal backing. My design change would've involved making the bezels even slimmer as the V20 can be too wide for one handed sometimes. And also would've loved them making the phone thicker so there wouldn't be a camera hump and we could safely place the phone down without a case plus there would probably be room for a 4000mah battery that thick and for FF stereo. And making the phone thicker they could've added a metal camera ring to act as a heatsink without intruding aesthetics or having some cheesy internal heat dissipation design that stole room for design. Oh well. Guess we'll never see a perfect phone. Btw, wtf is up with note8 having curved bezels? Wouldn't the note series be more beneficial with a flat screen having more usable space? The rumored curved screen detracts from that. Not to me think the big a$$ glass back instead of a removable battery design. Man I'd love a modern note with swappable battery. Anybody want to help me find a kick starter that would be the perfect phone for a lot of power users? Lol.

Gwdetroit , 13 Jul 2017I think it is great to have OLED, but it is also important... moreI would check your apps.

My LG G5 is flawless since i got it ( last november ) no slowdown at all!

So maybe you got an app thats make it slow ( usually social network crap like facebook )

AnonD-304329, 13 Jul 2017Please... Not the same camera setup as the LG G6 ... Eve... moreFunny i just took a LG G4 put it on auto and took a picture.
Same thing with LG G5.
Same thing with LG G6.

The G6 had a little better picture result than G5 and G4 was the worst.

What are you smoking? Hate crack?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-633173, 13 Jul 2017Why write 18:9 when you can write 2:1? Why not 2700:1350 then?because it's more easy to comprehend.. we already familiar with 16:9 or 1.77:1 but we never called it as 1.77:1 instead we use 16:9 ..so, by writing 18:9 aspect ratio it'll be more easy to understand because when we hearing 18:9 we automatically compared it to 16:9

Chintu bhai, 13 Jul 2017So,seems like LG also joined the stupid trend,to get rid of... moreI totally agree with you except for the fail part cause most people buy what looks like apple or samsung they dont care about power features what truly makes a phone great theu only want it to be shiny and sexy