Samsung exec confirms August unveiling for Galaxy Note8, US to get it in September

15 July 2017
The confirmation came from the tech giant's president of mobile communications Gao Dongzhen.

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Daniel W, 24 Jul 2017The Note3 thermometer seems affected by the phones own heat... moreThe GIF editor of the Note 3 is the ONLY one I know that you can mask or choose areas to animate. It has been so useful for my blog on painting techniques I demonstrate. Suggest me another one that does, please.

The IR remote is very useful for controlling multiple appliances and equipment like AC units, and projector/TV in the classroom with no need to go to the custodian for the remote. I use this every week, and there are numerous downloads for remote codes - why dismiss this?

The thermometer has worked in colder temperatures, and seems to be accurate for during hot times as well. I use it occasionally.

As I said, the Note7 S Pen gives BETTER performance for input accuracy on the Note 3 as opposed to its original S Pen. I know the Note7 has internal sensors optimized for the S Pen, however it's a wonderful upgrade nonetheless for the Note 3. I use this pretty much for sketching and pouring my thoughts with OneNote to transcend to all my other devices.

My Note 3 is almost 4 years, and a 10,000 mAh extended battery (my second one after 18 months after the first only started to provided 2/3 capacity) has impressed me that I never went back to normal batteries.

I just don't get Samsung for taking out features that were useful for each iteration. Hoverview for example has been pretty useful for peeking at long messages, and it was fine on the Note 4. They even tried taking out some S Note features like that ability to recognize hand written text. What I don't see useful is the heartbeat sensor - no point for me, especially if you already own a smartwatch.

  • Daniel W

DNeighbor, 19 Jul 2017Since I know I will have to keep using my Note 3, even when... moreThe Note3 thermometer seems affected by the phones own heat, and since Note3 can't learn from other remotes, finding out working IR codes can be a mess. I even broke an RGB controller that way, so I can understand why those features were replaced.

My 3.5 year Note3 battery is still ok-ish, so I expect a Note8 to last for me, but heavy users should probably skip sealed-in batteries, since a power bank still wears the phone battery down, lest we could bypass the charging and just *run* the phone from it, but vendors don't want to "invent" that feature, it seems...

As for the GIF editor, try the free Motion Stills from Research at Google on Android 5.1 or later. For correctness, the J7 Pro *lens* is f/1.7 and while a Note7 S-pen may be nicer and newer, the better pressure resolution comes from a better digitizer inside the Note 7.

  • canmin83

so indonesia will get on october great job samsung, why would you build factory in indonesia if we can't get on september, so sad

AnonD-632062, 18 Jul 2017Have you changed your priorities? I remember you said havin... moreSince I know I will have to keep using my Note 3, even when I was using the Note7, it would be the same scenario for when I will get the Note8. My Note 3 with 10,000mAh battery will last me up to 40 hours heavy use, whereas the Note8 will likely give me some 12 hours - I stay out of the house 17 to 18 hours sometimes. I do not like the idea of having to carry around a powerbank.

I have retained the Note7's S Pen and those extra levels of sensitivity seems to work more wonderfully than the original Note 3 S Pen.

I'm after a good camera as well, and J7 Pro has the unexpected f/1.7 sensor that I want. So NOW, I'm like thinking if the Note8 will not offer so much other than the camera of S Pen experience, might as well get a J7 Pro... One more month till we see what the Note8 will offer.

But I CAN get a Note8 unit outright if I want to. I mean I'm after a good camera, and I stopped myself from getting any of the S8, but J7 Pro also offers a 64GB variation - which is the same cost if I would buy a basic mirrorless camera. Note 3 has features that were REMOVED from the "updated" Galaxy flagships like IR remote controller, hover view, thermometer, the GIF editor, and of course an extended 3 times more power capacity that I need.

  • AnonD-632062

DNeighbor, 17 Jul 2017Well, the October release is 3 months away. Not so excited ... moreHave you changed your priorities? I remember you said having an S-Pen was an absolute must.........

The note 8 just feels like an after thought for the S + series. Besides the s pen, dual camera and screen size, there doesn't seem to be anything substantialy diffrent compared to the S8+ or groundbreakingly new.

AnonD-77443, 17 Jul 2017Note 4 was great, Note 5 was terrible, Note 7 was good apar... moreWell, the October release is 3 months away. Not so excited as I felt for the Note7. Note8 feels more like an upgrade for my camera needs from my Note 3 - but then I can get a J7 Pro with a 13MP f/1.7.

  • Anonymous

Lol the camera looks horrible!

  • AnonD-77443

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Don't be . See Note 5 and Note 7, they were copies of S ser... moreNote 4 was great, Note 5 was terrible, Note 7 was good apart from the battery issue.
Aside from an S Pen there isn't enough differentiating the S and Note series nowadays.

Samsung really need to look at making the Note series with a substantially bigger battery & noticeably bigger 16:9 screen.

  • AnonD-77443

Yep, another long time Note user who got the S8+ because i wasn't expecting anything extra aside from an S Pen and Dual Camera.

Would have liked a 16:9 flat screen but wasn't expecting it.

  • Anonymous

They better it with the slogan "AnNote8".

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017The original and king of phablets.Haha but this year it have to be and hopefully an/the emperor!.

  • Anonymous

I had every Galaxy Note from the beginning but was very disappointed when the Note 5 did not come to Europe. When I bought the Note 7 and had to return it, the disappointment was even bigger. I heard that the Note 8 will cost around 1000 Euro. More reason to try other Brands. I am also not a big fan of the edge displays which Samsung forces on us now with every flagship phone. The dedicated Bixby button is not needed as there is Google Assistant. And the Fingerprint scanner is in an awkward place.

  • Anonymous

The original and king of phablets.

  • AnonD-681082

if the battery capacity is less than 4000Mah and the cpu is not optimise for the battery on note 8 battery for last longer,i'll skip this note series. All they do is just raised their price and trying to be apple wannabe... but still, after less than 2 years,their flagship model getting more lag and overheat compare to iphone smartphones.

  • AnonD-292154

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Don't be . See Note 5 and Note 7, they were copies of S ser... moreIt will have more ram ; dual camera ;a bit bigger screen and they will probably introduce some new tech ; just like they did with note 7 (iris scanner). Stop crying s8 owner ; I know u feel sorry cos you bought the s8. Note 8 is going to be a beast!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Agree with you 100%. I had the Note 4 for over 2 years and ... moreForgot to say I didn't wait and got the S8 Plus at launch for that reason.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Don't be . See Note 5 and Note 7, they were copies of S ser... moreAgree with you 100%. I had the Note 4 for over 2 years and it was amazing. I was contemplating waiting for the Note 8 when the S8 Plus came out but I knew it was going to be the exact same specs (more or less) and design as s8 plus. The Note series used to be a superior and samsungs true flagship series but is on par with S series now.

For the price they ate going to charge, they should have figured out the way to make in-display fingerprint reader work. Now I really don't know if I want to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2017Don't be . See Note 5 and Note 7, they were copies of S ser... moreyeah... now samsung is like apple...i love when they give good feature like years before...their dev support is worsening too... samsung is shoot themself, they lost their identity, and they lost of costumer because their not like android anymore(android is all about feature imo).