Xiaomi Mi 2 and Mi 2S are still used by almost 5 million people

19 July 2017
The intriguing revelation came straight from Lei Jun, the Chinese company's CEO.

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  • Anonymous

Yes. Just as there is a significant niche market for supersized phones (Mi Max, Zenfone 3Ultra), there is also a sizable niche market for mini sized phones (4"-4.5"). Personally, I'd buy a mini version of Redmi 4X 64GB with a screen size of 4-4.5" if it ever existed. There's appeal to really small 4-4.5" displays if they offer the same features as the larger 5" phones (ex. ir blaster, fm radio, fingerprint scanner, dual sim, 64gb internal, metal build, sizable battery, LTE support, etc.) except for the screen size. The reason I'd buy one is because it's a rarity/novelty to own one yet it's much cheaper to own while still meeting all your mobile needs.

Wish I still have it, my first Xiaomi phone that rocks all my other friends' phone at that time. Damn pickpocket! :(

  • Anonymous

AnonD-595251, 20 Jul 2017I'd buy a 4.5 inch powerhouse over a 5 or 5.5 anyday. Yes, a good 4.5 inch device with dual sim and micro SD would be fine and compact. 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Rom with an energy saving processor and a bigger battery would be great (more than 3000 mAh). Exchangeable battery! And maybe a Userinterface for big fingers on top. Just to do phonecalls and message reading. Just as second phone...
So I am still waiting for kind of iPhone SE with Android (7.1.x) ;-))

  • Anonymous

TechLover1, 19 Jul 2017Well, it could be for different reasons. But five years are... moreIt's not. Even my note 3 could do what some features of newer nougat midrangers are capable of if Samsung wants to but... Who then would buy those new stuff?

I just replaced the battery using my fingernail and it's good as new.

  • Anonymous

Lots of ancient phones from other manufacturers are still being used today. They just don't want to tell the public so they can sell their shiny and trendy new toys with 2 year expiration due to sealed batteries.

  • AnonD-19330

you do, flash a different Rom, GS3 and get a new battery. slow and painful device but less painful then a huge device in your pocket

  • AnonD-19330

I'm still on my GS3 waiting for a decent small flagship device. Sony the only other option out there and they are a bit of a lost cause.

  • Lagos

FINALLY! Someone from the tech industry who isn't a nerd is asking the right question: is it because people still want phones with a 4.5-5" screen sizes for single hand operation?

Its amazing how the whole industry is blind to the simple fact that while technology evolves quickly in leaps and bounds, our physical hands most certainly do not.

Hope this trends of 6" phablets labeled as "phones" die soon.

come Xiaomi, I clap for you.

  • Gaurav

I am still using my 1.8 inch nokia c2-00 as primary device which will compliting 6 years in september. Offcource the real reason behind this is i am poor and dont have money to buy android phones. But i am very happy with my c2 and wiling to use it 1 more year. Thank u nokia..

  • Anonymous

And why not? Xiaomi devices are superb for their price, old or new. Also, MIUI 9 has been confirmed for both devices.

  • Anonymous

Wating for a phone worth spending money on it. Til then the mi2s is fine. 4.7 screen max and good hardwear. At the moment, there are no such android.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi need to launch a new phone call xiaomi mini mi

My Mi 2S is still running smooth (much better than my spare Moto E2 4G) and lasts for almost 2 days with its original battery.
I'm looking for a replacement within the 4.3-5.0" range and have a hard time finding a worthy successor. Not sure I'll find something good at such a bargain price.

  • AnonD-595251

I'd buy a 4.5 inch powerhouse over a 5 or 5.5 anyday.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2017i am still using Mi3 which i bought 3 years back, reason be... moreHow come its battery hasn't died yet. It was already time, I can't imagine how palty it will be after so many tears...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-166545, 20 Jul 2017It has nothing to do with clinging, the Mi2(S) was Xiaomi's... moreMi3 says hello. That thing too is just too good. With me since 3 years. Still works perfectly

  • Anonymous

This proves that Xiaomi is one of the best value for money product... And this is tight slap to all the haters who thinks Xiaomi mobiles won't work after three months (especially some hmd fanboys)

  • AnonD-166545

It has nothing to do with clinging, the Mi2(S) was Xiaomi's best phone and every iteration since then has gone downhill. People are getting tired of only having phablets available on the market and would like to have regular-sized phone in their pockets. We refuse to support their love affair with giantism. If Xiaomi weren't such douchebags and actually delivered a flagship that was similar in size to the Mi2(S), then those users would likely be more than happy to upgrade, but until then, they're just screwing that demographic over like every other major manufacturer.

  • jhoseps

calling, messaging, playing music & browsing thats the reason those are being used, imean i have 2 years old mtk 6750 device(2gb+16gb) works perfectly .

  • AdamBoy64

Some phones are just so amazing that they keep getting used year after year.
Nokia N8 or N9, or the Xperia Z Ultra - some phones are just so well built.
Other times they offer features that just aren't available anymore.