Xiaomi Mi 2 and Mi 2S are still used by almost 5 million people

19 July 2017
The intriguing revelation came straight from Lei Jun, the Chinese company's CEO.

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  • Anonymous

Dammit I'm still using my Mi 3 for almost 3 years now. 4 stars for software support until last June when they stopped the weekly OTA support. It is still stuck on Marshmallow. I hope it will be on Nougat and MIUI 9 at the same time before September.

  • Anonymous

Jeez.. that number doesn't really represent anything. It can be used as spare phone, like/review farming, music player, kids phone, etc. Unless you can pin point the user hours per day usage, 5 million can be anything.

  • bob

Well, Xiaomi continues to update these phones while other companies (*cough Samsung *cough) will seem their older flagship models as obselete and will cease pushing updates to them

Heck, my aunt's mi 2 runs MIUI 8

Quite impressive. I do still come across people using a GSIII (that includes me even if I have more recent devices at my disposal), which share a lot of characteristics with the Mi2.

5 million people in china.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi can just take Samsung approach, don't update your phone more than once for low end model, no more than twice for mid range & flagship.

after a year or two, user would have no choice but to buy new model.. rofl

  • Anonymous

i am still using Mi3 which i bought 3 years back, reason been simple it does what i need & i don't see new model features is what i really need.

Apart from that changing a new phone would mean i need to migrates all those contact & download all those apps once again, not forgetting moving photos, videos, whatsapp, wechat & etc, which is troublesom & having to re learn some new features as well as user interface.

So unless the phone is so outdated that i can't even uses some basic apps or the phone reaches end of it usefulness, don't seen myself changing to new model...lol

  • AnonD-411204

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2017I'd say why upgrade if it's good enough for me.Hmmm, the anti-mantra of this industry: a tech that's just good enough. Don't worry, software will eventually kill it.

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2017I'd say why upgrade if it's good enough for me.Well, if the particular person is definitely not an enthusiast. Yes, absolutely you (they) don't have to. But if you have a passion, etc., for technology (like me) then it is a complete different story.

Well, it could be for different reasons. But five years are a bit too much, even if you're absolutely not a tech enthusiast.

  • JC

They made it too durable for user to upgrade to new one.

Maybe because both have replaceable batteries. People just get a new battery and keep going.

  • Zero

Seems that the Mi Compact might come sooner than expecting.

  • Anonymous

I'd say why upgrade if it's good enough for me.