LG Q2 2017 financial report: home tech brings money, phones struggle

27 July 2017
LG saw increasing sales of its OLED TVs as well as home appliances (fridges and washing machines).

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  • Anonymous

Phones struggle because LG put in Lg G6 Snapdragon 821 instead of 835 and classic lcd-led screen. Lg makes the best Amoled tv, i do not undetstand why they do not put Amoled on smartphones too. A flagship like G6 must have Amoled display and Snapdragon 835. This is the problem. Even the sloppy Sony woke up and put Snapdragon 835.

  • AnonD-638825

LG makes wonderful televisions, the best ones, but they are way too expensive IMO for what they are. 19,999€ for a TV is ridiculously stupid, its entering the exclusivity and niche market alongside luxury watches, handbags, clothings and jewelry.

Their other appliances are excellent and so are Samsung ones, easily match Candy and surpass them in some areas, but then again it will all come down to personal preference and wether or not you have a desire to have one brand rules them all in your house.

The LG V30 really needs a massive change to justify spending on it, with improved speakers and an even better headphone jack being the best start possible.

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2017I'm glad that LG is struggling, has low sales and G6 is a flop, ... moreOkay it sounds like you just like to hate something with no good sense.
Every flagship phone have the same features as this device is, and it's time to move on now and innovate, and I'm glad that they're doing that.

Non-removable batteries means stronger build (IP Rating will be higher) and besides, 1 OEM Battery costs nearly half as much as a 20000mAh power bank.

IR Blaster is barely used nowadays, and I'm also one of those that still want it, but I surely can live still without it.
Or you can just buy a separate IR transmitter on your phone and have that feature again.

FM Radio is useless without earphones. In a disaster, you're likely to not bring earphones, so it kind of beats the purpose of having it. This isn't an excuse though.

  • AnonD-60521

no comments........

Oh well their flagship can't even help them in the Mobile Division

  • Anonymous

I'm glad that LG is struggling, has low sales and G6 is a flop, because they ruined the design of their phones which means G6 has glass back, non-removable battery and no IR blaster.

"LG expects a new high-end device to launch “in the weeks ahead” (ahem, LG V30) and along with the newly introduced Q-series that should help profit bounce up in the second half of this year."

So LG is still hoping. It seems they still haven't learned their lessons. Since V30 will have non-removable battery, glass back and no IR blaster (and maybe no FM radio), I hope V30 will be a big flop and profit loss, in hope that they will learn their lessons and will bring back the removable battery and IR blaster for their future phones (and fix the bootloop and shattergate (fragile camera glass) once and for all).

  • Chalothikedopopobene

Lg has NO MARKETING.Its nonexistent comparing to Samsung,or Apple.Also,they are jumped into the trend wagon,and started to copying Apple and Samsung ,by removing some very important features,/like removable battery/,which were very useful for many power users,and LG was the only one,who was still offered them...

  • AnonD-673570

89 Degrees , 27 Jul 2017Hardly a surprise for LG, Choosing the SD821 for the G6 was a st... moreWhen did LG do away the headphone jack?

  • Anonymous

LG mid range is the culprit.. No value for money

  • 89 Degrees

Hardly a surprise for LG, Choosing the SD821 for the G6 was a stupid choice, Adopting USB C and doing away with the 3.5 another bad choice...If the V30 comes in 4GB Ram only I think that will be a terrible decision.