Weekly poll: are secondary screens useful?

30 July 2017
The Meizu Pro 7 has an AMOLED screen on the back that lets you take selfies. Clever or over-engineered?

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  • Anonymous

Just another gimmick nobody asked for just like Samsung's edge screen and the horrible, unwanted, eyesore and half-baked Bixby button! JEEZ!

At least for me... i don't see the use of a back screen, but i would like to see an old style matrix dot lcd with notifications on top of the phone, like a optional modular top, i know there are cases but a more refined system would be great... jeez someone will steal that idea.

  • AnonD-413292

Both - front and back. I love V20's secondary screen.


The consumer market didnt ask for this???? WE asked for BETTER battery life!!!! Make phones that doesnt need a CASE!!!!

  • Anonymous

I want a secondary screen on the top side of the phone a la pager style.. I just have to glance at the top of my phone in my pocket to see the notifications/playlist.. Will someone propagate this idea?

  • Anonymous

Im not too sure if the front screen will be useful,but it sure looks damn cool ...

  • Anonymous

It would good for quick selfies (without unlocking phone)
And music control.

I say yes.

are secondary screen useful ? of course ..... we can made fun of apple that we far more advance than them ....

  • Kangal

AnonD-632062, 30 Jul 2017It all depends upon your preference. A small screen on t... moreSorry partner but you missed out on one more:
- Reflective surface on the back.

So basically a glass back that is chrome, ie a mirror.
This can be built on the phone like some Xperia models. This can be applied like a Brand skin to the back of the phone. Or the reflective surface could be on a case which the phone slides into.

Since I'm a fan of BETTER phones, I prefer a phone that has a flat screen, flat sides, and a more thick and durable (and less slippery) material like Leather or Metal to avoid wearing a case. The front camera should be good enough for selfies/videos on its own merits. If possible it should have x4 colour cameras, two in the back for 3D/VR and two in the back for 3D/AR... just space them out on the vertical sides!

  • Max

Couldn't vote, there was no "yes, but only as a full-size e-ink for power-frugal reading!" option. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the YotaPhone would have caught on much more readily had it not cost the price of ten iPhones (well ok, slightly exaggerating...)

  • Otg

A notification led on the front serves me just fine. I rarely check time on my phone. My notifications needs to be attended regularly through main screen (Mails, File shares) so the secondary screen is pretty much useless while using a lot more battery than a notification led. Also putting the phone face down might cause scratches on the front panel if it isn't made it is not made of gorilla glass.

Well basically, if I talk for myself, I'm fine with the: "curved screens do just fine" &/or "one screen is all I need." But then, if I talk in general (as a tech enthusiast, etc.), it is nice (better) that there is more options to choose from, in this case a second display on the back or front. In other words, for me personally, no, but in general yes (for those who prefer it).

  • AnonD-623516

nope, just another gimmik nobody really asked for, they just give you something you never wanted to justify an unreasenable pricing point

if it's on the back, and in balanced position (center)

  • Anonymous

Secondary screen - dual camera - curved screen - and other useless gimmicks. Make a durable normal phone not toys.

  • AnonD-687126

I'm a fan of "Keep it simple. Do it well."
The V20 second screen has obviously been made obsolete by having a big, low bezel, screen.
This back screen? I get the selfie thing, I guess.

I'd still rather have the costs of that screen put into a nicer front screen, or more battery. Just do the basics better.

  • Anonymous

For those with screen at the back..
Screen protector hard to apply.. Casing hard to apply.. Structurally weaker.. Laughing stock when people see you touching the back of your phone.

It can be very useful!

  • XBR

In that position its quite useless

  • Anonymous

Smartphone design failure hall of fame, definitely.