Weekly poll: are secondary screens useful?

30 July 2017
The Meizu Pro 7 has an AMOLED screen on the back that lets you take selfies. Clever or over-engineered?

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One screen is enough to use. More screen more battery consumption. E-ink screen save energy but more expensive than LCD and only show black n white.

  • AnonD-687823

Everything new is appreciated but instead of making phones with dual screen that serves little purpose, it's better to give back
- Dual "REAL DEDICATED" sim cards and Micro SD NOT hybrid!
- Dual Clear and Loud Stereo speakers
- Dual Baterry Life (or make it removable without the need to buy another battery just provide it in box package! You can replace the manual guide books that no one really read it and isn't really important as people will rather Google the problem instead of reading the mgb to second battery spare part)
- dual endurance,durability and beauty (simple and practical NOT too shine or blink blink!) if possible though it's already in the market known as mil. standard and ip protection but not every flagship has both

With the technology inside the current flagship,we,consumers will be very happy if companies WILL add this all

  • Surficial

Why isn't e-ink screen an option?
If my next phone had it I would use it as a battery saver feature.
Would also work as a display for the rear camera to some extent.

  • Anonymous

Why? and the consumer just pay more for the phone

  • Anonymous

Without actually having a hands on , it looks a bit small to be easily useful ?

  • AnonD-402029

back screen for high quality selfie only. for notification, i rarely flip my phone and if i flip my phone that means i dont want to see any notification!

Nope 👎🏻, no second screen needed.

  • AnonD-523334

One screen is all i need, but remove that crap from my preferred option GSM arena. There is always a problem in polls related to icrap.
Coming to the point... Ideal situation is merging the front secondary screen with the regular like g6. Don't like Sammy's approach of a really awkward aspect ratio. 2:1 is just fine, simple and feels standard. And always on functionality...with OLED

  • AnonD-345931

AnonD-527131, 30 Jul 2017U mean the burn in option? yeah it's pretty usefull ..for b... moreSamsung's AOD won't cause burn-ins as the texts move around a bit from time to time. Like screen-savers.

  • AnonD-541841

It's total crap..

  • AnonD-527131

AnonD-146024, 30 Jul 2017Samsung's always ON implementation on the Super Amoleds is ... moreU mean the burn in option? yeah it's pretty usefull ..for burn in.

  • Anonymous

Where is the option "e-ink"?

  • Alien

Unless it's a flip phone, the secondary display is silly. Talk about useless gimmicks.
And all of this because sheeple love to take selfies. :))

I'd rather have a secondary battery or SD card slot that would really matter and improve the final product. This 2ND display is just a drain on that slim battery.
They don't have the space for extra battery, but they do for this. Hahaha!

They are useful but on front or back is personal opinion I like them on front dor multitasking it would be quite useful on the back if phone is laying with screen on table but if others can see what I am doing when Im using the phone then no way for back screens

2nd screen seems great for using the full camera. If we can get a front camera as good as the back one, then no need for it

  • Anonymous

Why would anyone want a screen on the back??

  • Anonymous

I want a third display! Built inside the phone.

  • Anonymous

I never thought to myself "it would be nice to have another screen on my phone". Just one more thing to drain your battery.

  • leo sk

Yotaphone's e-ink display was more practical and useful, though limited to black and white. But it did lend itself to some artistic monochrome innovations without being a drain to battery

  • AnonD-146024

Samsung's always ON implementation on the Super Amoleds is the best. It eliminates the purpose of secondary screen. It's a shame that GSMA hasn't given an option to vote for it.