Moto Z2 Force is now $720 at Motorola, already $80 cheaper although it's still on pre-order [Edited]

01 August 2017
It's an interesting (and not very common) situation to see such a product discounted before it even ships.

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  • 02 Aug 2017

Yeah, price mistake. In a few days, $720 will be a price mistake as well and the "actual" price is $600. Lenovo and Moto are scammers. I won't buy their phones especially when they shrink battery to push you to spend extra $80 getting battery mod

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    • 02 Aug 2017

    Good luck anyway. There'll be no success.

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      • 02 Aug 2017

      In India, this is rumored to be sold at 39000 (612$), if I recall correctly from a previous leak. This is way way less than the ridiculously priced S8, which goes for Rs 57900 (906$). And looks much better too, imo. I prefer a sleek metal tool to a fat glass toy. The camera will be better in daylight because it won't have traditional Samsung oversharpening nonsense, and probably as good or almost as good in low light.

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        • 02 Aug 2017

        Lenovo is dreaming with that price. They need to realize they don't have the clout of Apple or Samsung to price their product line in such a manner. Basically, the device is obviously OK in some aspects, like screen, CPU and mods. Some may desire the thinness over battery. But, the rest of the specs do not justify the $720 U.S. price, IMO.

        Perhaps if they brought the prices of their entire product line down they'd sell more devices and make more money. Or, some "marketing genius" with a bunch of stats and a spreadsheet at Lenovo has deemed their phone line pricing scheme is optimal. If so, I wonder if said genius forgot to factor in the brand recognition, trust and carrier availability (at least in the U.S.).

        But, they pop the $720 U.S. price out their so they don't undercut their lesser devices.

        Look for this device to be discounted to $499 U.S. at Amazon, etc. in about 6 months, which is what happened to the Moto Z. Current pricing of the now one-year-old Moto Z shows the large markup of their device offerings when first marketed as the Moto Z is/was $699 U.S. retail.

          Looks like e failure to me, they not going to sell many, competition it just has to offer much better things

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            • 02 Aug 2017

            More worth than any laggy samshit.

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              • 02 Aug 2017

              2730 mah battery no thanks even if motorola is trying to push moto mods still it is insane decision to cut on battery why the hell someone spend 700$ on a phone with this meager battery then again spend on moto mods to improve battery and yes using moto mods will make this phone uglier

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                • 02 Aug 2017

                killer s8!
                just like last year
                can't wait for 2nd hand z2 force for 500$
                hated how fat and heavy the original was
                now it's slim and light and back in the business!
                the cameras performance will be amazing I bet you
                as the performance
                last year's force had the highest benchmarks even compared to exynos powered s7edge
                except similar insane performance from the z2 force as well

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                  • 02 Aug 2017

                  Nice price for phone with good quality and many function. Even $800 still worthy

                    Evidently all price cuts are always welcome.

                      Oft times, within these confines, commentators call the battery capacity of this unit small. Admittedly, in an age where consumers top priority is typically battery life longevity, Lenovo's chosen battery size for this model is curious. I hope they make a Moto Mod with stellar audio prowess available (if they bring out any Mods at all... I have no idea).

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                        • 01 Aug 2017

                        $720? Hell no....

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                          • 01 Aug 2017

                          No OIS, f2.0 cam, poor battery. OLED yes, but not worth 700$ only for. Bye MOTO!