Huawei Mate 10 or P11 will be sold by AT&T next year

04 August 2017
The two companies are reportedly close to reaching a final agreement on the matter.

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  • 11 Aug 2017

someone, 06 Aug 2017please stick with china and india ... do not even think of ... moreI was thinking like you until being ripped twice by Samsung in last 7 years and finally switched to Huawei and got P10 Lite. I cannot explain how I'm satisfied with it. you must see for yourself to be able to understand what is difference between media-giants and real gears. the power and flexibility that I have with my phone now is more than most of the Samsung devices out there with 70% of their price.

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    • YR7
    • 07 Aug 2017

    Kangal, 05 Aug 2017AT&T will want its conditions: 1- exclusivity 2- AT&a... moreIt is not easy game. Many troubles,Huawei needs time. Iphone and SS

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      • 06 Aug 2017

      Anonymous, 05 Aug 2017T-Mobile pick Xiaomiplease stick with china and india ... do not even think of entering us market .... people will laugh at iphone clones !!

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        • bJb
        • 06 Aug 2017

        Great news! Huawei would be bigger than Samsung in 3 years.

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          • Kangal
          • uCX
          • 05 Aug 2017

          AT&T will want its conditions:
          1- exclusivity
          2- AT&T Apps
          3- cheaper prices and high/fast inventory
          4- ads/marketing budget

          Huawei, while eager, can provide #4 and #3. However, #2 will make their phones worse than they already are, with more security concerns, buggy performance, and really slow update process. And #1 is counter-productive to Huawei's agenda of getting their devices the market share they need.... they will certainly falter to the likes of Samsung and Apple if this happens. I doubt they could fare much better than LG and/or HTC in terms of marketshare if all conditions had to be satisfied.

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            • 05 Aug 2017

            T-Mobile pick Xiaomi