iPhone 8 display assembly spotted in the wild, no Touch ID in sight

05 August 2017
This could very well be one of the first and few iPhone 8 OLED panels off the production line.

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  • Eske Rahn

Eske Rahn, 07 Aug 2017That others make the same ugly stuff, does not make it any ... more...And I'm NOT targeting a specific brand here.

More or less ALL brands are crooks and have learnt conning people by planned obsolescence from aPple.

  • Eske Rahn

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 07 Aug 2017deal with it , after this , lots android phone will looks l... moreThat others make the same ugly stuff, does not make it any better...

The problem is that it is (currently?) impossible to get a decent image quality in the thinness of most released phablets.

Thus they make a hump. And unfortunately most make it in such a way that you can not use the device on a table!! If they at the least made it a hump over most of the width....

But MUCH better would be the return of removable backs and battery, and offering TWO options for the back . One thin (with a hump) for the dinner jacket and one thicker without the hump and with a larger battery that we could use for more demanding usage.

....But of course this would stop the conning of people by planned obsolescence, so that is not likely to happen unless there will be some legislation to stop the waste.

Earlier you could give an 'old' flagship model away with a new battery. Now the batter-replacement costs an amount comparable to a new midrange device with similar specs... Hence the waste...

  • UnashamedAppleFan

This is...


rex, 06 Aug 2017that camera hump.. OMG so uglyydeal with it , after this , lots android phone will looks like that

  • Anonymous

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 06 Aug 2017people asking phone without bezel, then complaining when ph... morewhat's more funny is that they think it looks like the galaxy s8, later the same group of apple haters say "it looks ugly" so their saying the s8 looks ugly, lol apple haters at their finest as usual.

  • Anonymous

2 questions about the design so far, burn in for top portion and will the vertical camera bump cause the phone to be slanted to the right on a flat surface?

  • Anonymous

looks u g l y

  • rex

that camera hump.. OMG
so uglyy

people asking phone without bezel, then complaining when phone without bezel

seriously ?

  • AnonD-682657

Vertical camera and no touch id looks awful I'm fed up of Apple -_

  • AnonD-510275

AnonD-510275, 06 Aug 2017Ikr, why bezel less become trend? No bezel less make smartp... more*No bezel

  • AnonD-510275

AnonD-244675, 06 Aug 2017Ugh, great... Another one of those bezel-less ugly POS. Ikr, why bezel less become trend? No bezel less make smartphone less ergonomic

  • AnonD-244675

Ugh, great... Another one of those bezel-less ugly POS.

  • Anonymous

King of phones, 05 Aug 2017these are exciting times. King first time trying bezel less... moreTry searching for Mi Mix....a phone that already exist.

  • AnonD-131793

TheHater, 06 Aug 2017Apple should make -removable large batteries (4000mAh or s... moreI didn't know Apple set the trends for phablet, nfc, water proof, oled, iris & facial unlock and everyone including Samsung followed. Wake up man! Apple famous for removing these stuff not adding to milk the sheeple.

Phoner, 05 Aug 2017It looks good. Waiting to see the iPhone 8 and take a decis... moreA level headed comment :-) I caved and chose the Sony Xperia XZP last month. I love it but there's always something better on the horizon!

Apple should make
-removable large batteries (4000mAh or something like that)
-IR Blaster sensors
-large sensor cameras (as large as those of the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020)

Since Apple is always a trendsetter, I wonder if others will follow them if they do those things.

  • AnonD-514929

Sammy asked synaptics to make under-display finterprint, Apple paid to make it happen on iPhones first. Pathetic

  • AnonD-402029

we need to give the leakster a better camera phone because almost all leaked picture is blur! stop using Nokia 3200 goddammit!

  • savage

See here apple head,even gsm say that if touch id on side it will look like same on some sony xperia,so apple head dont make conclude like apple invent side fingerprint