Google Pixel 2 live photo gives us a closer look at the front and back

07 August 2017
Do the stereo speakers make up for the headphone jack?

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AnonD-425519, 07 Aug 2017If they make USB C headphones, I'll be ok with that since l... moreAs someone who is actually doing an electronic engineering degree and has done a paper on wireless emissions and possible health effects, you sir are either crazy or have a fundamental lack of understanding of electronics. Are you wearing a tinfoil hat to keep those transmissions away?

  • AnonD-659932

lol it's amazing they were able to make it even uglier than the first one. This better be under $400 because if it's priced like before, it has no chance. The landscape has drastically change over the past year - cheap phones are good and flagship phones have bezel-less displays... Plus the lack of 3.5mm jack is a HUGE deal breaker regardless of the price or specs. Pixel 2 = DOA.

  • Anonymous

I use a Note 5, Moto Z Play and Moto E4, there was never a time I pick up one of the phone and think to myself "ZOMG look at them bezel, this is horrible phone". It's fine, the phones fits in my pocket. 2:1 display is actually annoying to use at times because you have to reach your thumb really low or high.

Some of the same people who whine are the one who are going to buy the damn phone anyway.

  • Idiot

Where are my slim bezels?

  • AnonD-632062

In reply to the question posed, nope, nothing can justify killing the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

  • AnonD-670079

Look at those bezels. Looks like a phone from 2010. I was put off the last Pixel because of the size of the bezels, but this in 2017 is not right.

  • Ler

Holy crap those bezels. Unless its priced under $400, its just too ugly. I only prefer pure Android phones(nexus, pixel, moto somewhat), but this ugly piece makes it not worth it. Its either pixel xl or iphone. Google is charging premium now. There is no excuse to come up with this brick.

  • AnonD-425519

If they make USB C headphones, I'll be ok with that since laptops are also getting USB C. I still use 3.5mm headphones.

I will NOT use wireless headphones. Those liars out there saying that wireless doesn't damage us are pure liars. "Scientists", rofl. There are real scientists, then you have the paid "scientists" out to misinform.

We have enough wireless devices around us that are damaging our bodies. I use a wired mouse for that reason. We keep our router in the living room and not in our bedroom, etc. minimizing wireless radiation is important as it's impossible to get rid of it.

  • Anonymous

Looks like the one to buy is the Pixel 2 XL, instead

  • Anonymous

SKR..., 07 Aug 2017I am quite doubtful if anyone would still buy the Pixel 2 a... moreDon't forget about the missing headphone jack....

  • AnonD-690258

NO 3.5mm Headphone Jack. Thats a Bummer in the name of innovation. Nexus Devices Used to be the Epitome of everything grouped in to a sensational Price point which gave you feeling of owning a Flagship device on a decent amount and not compromising on anything. Pixel devices to me are just to get more money.
Google Please dont go the apple way not worth it.

  • Alien

Bleah! I wouldn't use it if they gave it for free. So FUGLY!

No 3.5mm jack, that's great! This old jack need to be gone.

  • aaa

this must be a joke .... it is so ugly

  • Anonymous

disappointed , was expecting something like S8 or G6 style

I am quite doubtful if anyone would still buy the Pixel 2 after seeing this pic, looks awful really. In this bezel less era look at those top and down bezels, no dual camera yet and you are thinking you'll price it as sub $650 mark and people will still buy it just for stock android!

  • Anonymous