Google Pixel 2 live photo gives us a closer look at the front and back

07 August 2017
Do the stereo speakers make up for the headphone jack?

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looks like a good phone for 2012
This design in 2017 looks like cheap chinese toy. huge besels are obsolete.

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 10 Aug 2017 Good day all. Admittedly, I used to big a big fan of 3.5 m... moreBecause the quality of the DAC is concerned.. If you use the USB-C headphone the DAC will depend on the headphone because it is on the headphone.. Even worse if you use a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle because the DAC will be on that dongle and for sure it will be a shitty DAC.. Having 3.5mm jack on the phone means having proper quality DAC on the phone.. Would anyone trade the 24-bit hifi DAC on LG/VIVO phones for a shitty DAC on a dongle?? Only stoopid Apple sheep would

Good day all. Admittedly, I used to big a big fan of 3.5 millimeter jacks. I have owned more than 20 pairs of earphones and headphones over the past 24 months. If you would have told me last year that I would find myself considering three handsets that don't have a headphone jack this year (I am, considering that is) I would have said something like "leave the bar: your drunk! We're not ;-) ". However, type C headphones and earphones now exist. Dongles and type C adapters exist to make use of your headphones, earphones and more. HI RES Bluetooth headphones and earphones exist. - Yes I have mentioned this is previous posts.... However, I am curious why you guys are so die hard fan(s) about this matter?

  • xz

like always.

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Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Because the Pixel uses pure android and won't be full of bl... moreApparently Nokia uses pure stock android. Nokia ,5,6 are running 7.1.2 and all three would be getting android O. So uodates are there. They even got the august security patch. And this has happened the third time in a row. So?

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Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Hmmmm.....And how is it better than Nokia 8? It has headpho... moreBecause the Pixel uses pure android and won't be full of bloatware. Great hardware doesn't do much when you bog it down with crap software. Just ask Samsung.

  • Jeanie

I don't think these links are true, lol.
But that's just me I guess.

AnonD-425519, 08 Aug 2017I don't usually keep replying as I know what type of person... moreLogical ones? I don't believe in anything, I simply follow the scientific method to be the least wrong.

Why do you say I will not test on my own? Did I not create an experiment for you to conduct so that you can see for yourself? What do you think they train engineers to do?

Again, I never said your pain isn't real. I said the chances of it being caused by radio waves is so improbable that it is crazy to suggest it.

You still didn't do a science degree, and as such your skills to determine cause and effect haven't evolved past school. Nutrition, psychology and business are the wrong tools for the job, so to speak. You need statistics, calculus, biology, electronics, and physics to make any sort of useful deduction. I very much doubt you know how to do research, or have used a scientific journal before.

Oh please, what am I lying about? Right, everybody in the world lied to us. Care to elaborate on that, Mr. woke?

Exactly. Because if I listened to every crackpot out there I'd take conflicting, ungrounded, and plain dimwitted stories as "evidence" like yours. Your story isn't a theory, it's a hypothesis, and one that has been proven wrong multiple times.

  • Antonello

That horrendous back is what is keeping from buying a pixel, that back is horrible it is a deal breaker for me

  • AnonD-569198

Are they serving Pâté and Caviar on those top and bottom bezels?

  • AnonD-425519

Xdadevet, 08 Aug 2017Because I know how to do proper research and not base my co... moreI don't usually keep replying as I know what type of person you are and what answers I will receive. One day you will see the truth.
It's interesting because your answers are all about denial denial denial. You do exactly as they do.
Everything I said still holds true. You don't have to believe every story/experience, of course, but there are many who tell you the truth. The question is, will you believe or deny because it doesn't support the lies you've been told while studying?

What they say, you will believe and not test on your own, typical. You then reverse it and blame others, while you do the same.
This has nothing to do with placebo or nocebo. I studied some psychology so I know the terms and I always test my own self to see if it is real or not. When you feel pain out of nowhere without expecting pain (out of nowhere), that is real. I also studied nutrition and still do so I know what is good for your body. I also studied business so I know what most people are after. I also know how to remain humble and not lie. I know who is lying.

I also studied about "how to research" in college and university, as you did; about "where to research", "who to trust", etc.. But now that I am older, married, with one child, with experience in life and in travels, meeting different cultures and talking to them, working in multiple government departments in Canada and in many private businesses in more than one country, I see the truth about many things they lied to us about. I know how to properly research :).

Others' personal experience does not matter to you, it is "anecdote", "it only happens to a few. The hell with those! to the advancement of science! science before man!"
sigh.. how uncaring people have become, all because of their schooling. They are robots, waiting for their next "science" bite, as if that is their salvation.
Science used to mean knowledge btw ;). It didn't mean experimentation with theories only. It means acquire knowledge through study, and perhaps even natural and repeatable experience/evidence, not theories.
Man will let you down, trust me on that. There is radiation, and it does damage. Since you can't avoid it, minimize it.

  • AnonD-348864

Nice. But I'm not buying it without a 3.5mm headphone jack!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-690382, 08 Aug 2017Why do you say it's from 2013?I think he means any flagship phone with big bezels are now dated and ugly... **cough** Sony **cough**.

  • Anonymous

HAHAHAHAHA 2017 flagship and still ugly bezels. Get out of here Pixel!

  • Sam X

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017You make claim they lie You show proof they lie Evidence ... moreIf you learn english we will take you seriously. That is all.

  • AnonD-690461

I am wonder what the man is holding in his hand..anyone knows?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Hmmmm.....And how is it better than Nokia 8? It has headpho... moreIt simply isn't. That ridiculous audio-jack removal thingy is reason enough for me to not even hype about the Pixels.

  • koja

What where they thinking when they designed this phone. It is ugly!

AnonD-425519, 07 Aug 2017Nice, go ahead and continue with your paper. Tell me, how d... moreBecause I know how to do proper research and not base my conclusions on click-bait headlines and anecdotal evidence.

I know it is reliable because the papers I used to conduct the meta study was based on different fields (biology, electronics, radio waves), by different researchers that are experts in their fields, with different experiments, across multiple countries, and has been verified over and over again across three decades. The conclusion was made because there was no significant evidence that they cause harm in humans, having proper control groups, accounted for the placebo effect (something you clearly should look into), and was done on large enough groups.

I really don't care about the fact that you distrust scientific authorities, my name will just be another one on your list. I mainly used Scopus for scientific journals, same as any other scientific researcher in the world, by the way.

I think many, including you, get headaches anyway and attribute it to wireless tech. Again, read up on the Placebo and Nocebo effects. I have no doubt that your headaches are real, but I am certain their cause is not radio waves and they might even be self-induced.

Yes, I can deny personal proof. It's called anecdotes are the weakest form of evidence known to man and can be rejected without consequence.

Yeah, there was, and it sparked massive studies on the subject, the largest one conducted by the US government themselves actually and was used in my paper. And because of the results of that paper (among many others), they laid that topic to rest. No one is suppressing it, everything on the topic is published. It's just that there aren't enough people dumb enough to believe it anymore to get scared into buying into that conspiracy theory.

Here's a great experiment you can do at home to prove you are merely crazy: Get a lot of random phones, and without looking up their SAR values rate the pain you feel holding it up to your ear. And remember, some of them must be on flight mode and you're not allowed to know.

Afterwards, tabelise your results, check the SAR values, check your pain levels, and check which ones were on and off. Calculate the correlation value and check if it is larger than the calculated statistical error to see if there is any evidence to your claim.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-425519, 07 Aug 2017If they make USB C headphones, I'll be ok with that since l... moreYou make claim they lie
You show proof they lie
Evidence should be easy for you, no?

If you can do that, we will take you seriously. That is all