Google Pixel 2 live photo gives us a closer look at the front and back

07 August 2017
Do the stereo speakers make up for the headphone jack?

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  • Anonymous

Hmmmm.....And how is it better than Nokia 8? It has headphone jack, updates, a lower price tag, usb c, same bezels , zeiss dual cameras!!! And probably an awesome speaker considering Nokia 6 has dual speakers.

  • AnonD-664456

Naaa nahh its ugly like he'll I'm using Pixel and Pixel looks much sexy than this back glass

  • TopherV1

After all the improvements on the camera department, leaked photos still look crap.

  • Cloggle

bahahaha..No thank you ! Building or designing phones isn't your cup of tea google. So just go back to the business of spying !

AnonD-690382, 08 Aug 2017Why do you say it's from 2013?The front is exactly like a Nexus 6P and those bezels are too big for a modern smartphone.

  • AnonD-690382

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2017I am in the 'other' pile and I don't like it either. I'll passWhat don't you like about it?

  • AnonD-690382

sa11oum, 07 Aug 2017Oh, and this device looks like it's from 2013. I guess Apple and... moreWhy do you say it's from 2013?

  • AnonD-690382

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2017not bezel less, not an option then.. :(Why? It's going to have dual front-facing speakers

  • AnonD-690382

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Doesn't looks fantastic and it looks ugly! No OEM's using front... moreThat's why I haven't upgraded from my Nexus 6P. There isn't another phone that has dual front-facing speakers on it's level

1. Dear GSM Arena: Not all stereo speakers are created equal. Some manufacturers signal firing loudspeaker's are louder and clearer than other's dual speaker system's and vice versa.
Presently, type C earphones can be purchased online, albeit low grade. Soon enough however, companies great and small will begin selling all sorts of type C headphones, earphones, etc (e.g. volume control accessories). at any number of price ranges. It's inevitable.
Personally, I have owned expensive wired headphones and earphones, as well as others that were not pricey. I am not one with a soft touch. Almost all corded listening devices I have owned broke sooner or later. I have owned a pair of Bluetooth headphone's that were middle of pack price wise. They were surprisingly decent. Never broke. Eventually, the rechargeable battery died out. I happen to like all of the above.

My one complaint with type C corded earphone/headphones (despite the fact that I had a hard time avoiding being rough on them), is that they have to be plugged into the bottom of devices... and I like models which you plug in items at the top of the unit.
2. To the group at large: I am seriously considering getting a new handset in the next 6-9 months. Believe it or not, your comments here have in fact helped me rethink my priorities (and to think this article is primarily about a screen shot or two of the Pixel 2 :-] ) Some say bezels are ugly. Some say they protect from display damage. Some say that bezels hurt speaker quality. Here is another factor to consider: small or bezel free units very well become a higher target for theft ( if they aren't already) because they are newer and can be costly.
Like much in life, these issues have both strengths and weaknesses. And to think, I was going to get a practically bezel free unit because they are "trending". Thanks everyone ^.^ .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Having a bezel makes dual, front firing speakers more easily ach... moreI think they want to compete with Sony xz premium

  • AnonD-690378

the front photo is that of Nexus 6P. I am surprised you didnt think of that before posting it

  • Anonymous

Seriously, its really looks like Redmi 3s!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-690373, 08 Aug 2017What's the point of having bezels if they aren't really there fo... moreHaving a bezel makes dual, front firing speakers more easily achievable.
Having bezel on the sides makes spurious touches caused by base of thumb touching screen less frequent (I've not yet found a device that reduces those touches to the point where it isn't an annoyance).
Phones don't have to be ergonomic but they should be, and we have metrics for this.

  • AnonD-690373

AnonD-510275, 07 Aug 2017People are st*pid these day. I have to say this again and again.... moreWhat's the point of having bezels if they aren't really there for anything? We know Google can have a moreso bezel less Pixel if the XL rumors are true, so these bezels on the smaller are just a waste of space and don't look good at all. A phone in general isn't ergonomic, so when you weigh the positives of bezel less to negatives of bezel less, no one really cares about the negatives. A larger screen just helps for people that actually use their phones, too.
Google's making it really hard for me to want this phone, tho.

  • Harsh

Sometimes i think xiaomi budget devices have better designs than this..

  • Ume

I think this not the final design. Because not look like a flagship phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Doesn't looks fantastic and it looks ugly! No OEM's using front... moreSamsung, Huawei, or Oppo fanboy?

sa11oum, 07 Aug 2017Two important questions, why is LG still a smartphone manufactur... moreThey've had problems witht their flagships since the G2. The motherboard on that phone actually started to fail on me, less than one year from purchase. Good thing it was still under warranty.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-90109, 07 Aug 2017How so, please enlighten us with your profound wisdom and unboun... moreDoesn't looks fantastic and it looks ugly! No OEM's using front speakers any more except Sony and there latest flagship Xperia XZ premium with front speakers looks ugly, but not as ugly as pixel 2.