Samsung Galaxy Note8 visits Geekbench with Exynos 8895 and 6GB of RAM

11 August 2017
The benchmark run confirms two of the handset's most important specs, at least for the international model.

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Giorat23, 15 Aug 2017Are you talking about iPhone 8/10th anniversary edition?? This i... moreumm, I have no idea what you said. Your mish-mash of...whatever you said made no sense.

All I said was that this was not the phone I'm waiting for. Most likely the LG g7 will be my next phone. Very impressed with my g5 :). No bootloop, great camera, screaming fast!

I'm a note 4 user and and with only 3200 mAh running Marshmallow it is bad. And you have to buy genuine replacement batteries too. This is because all of Samsungs batteries for NFC devices have the aerial built into them. But to only have 100 mAh more than the Note 4 and be a sealed unit is mad. Batteries start to fail at about a years use.

You might be able to get the battery unaficially replaced but if the phone is water and dust proof etc firstly this will void any warranty and secondly will not be resealed. So until battery technology is bettered sealed units are not that great.

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monsterduc1000, 13 Aug 2017"It's so sad to know that the phone all the world is waiting for... moreAre you talking about iPhone 8/10th anniversary edition?? This is the phone that all the world is waiting... note 8??? Lol specially before note 7 fiasco!

  • This is rubbish why?

With that battery , this phone is rubbish .
I have changed three note 3 batteries why , because they balloon and fail to charge after 1000 cycle ( 1 year depending on usage ) . we ,gamers, are heavy users . a non removable batter make things worse , we can not replace the dead battery plus we cannot hold an extra battery to replace if we needed extra juice since definitely 3300 mah is not enough
Thanks Samsung i'll skip the note 8 and stick to my removable battery note 3

All flagship specs except for the now average battery.

I wonder how Xiaomi phones can contain a 4,000-5,000mAh+ size battery into their smaller-sized (and cheaper) phones.

Don't get me wrong. I love Samsung and I've been a user for a very long time now.

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DNeighbor, 14 Aug 2017Yes, might as well integrate it with a 10,000 mAh battery.That is very bad solution. It turns the phone into a 250 gram behemoth that is 14mm thick and needs a solid month to charge...

What I described is both sleek, long lasting and can have as little as 1 minute of charge time.. It is literally the peak of current technology ... that is suddenly not offered. So we have to content with older tech despite the greater costs to the consumer.

  • AnonD-691883

DNeighbor, 13 Aug 2017From experience, batteries go bad on me on the 18th month - 60% ... moreYa, or until the

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017You can have a phone that is boh thin and have 6000 mah batery. ... moreYes, might as well integrate it with a 10,000 mAh battery.

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DNeighbor, 13 Aug 2017From experience, batteries go bad on me on the 18th month - 60% ... moreYou can have a phone that is boh thin and have 6000 mah batery. Make the battery removable. Of course that would require that companies should give up the 2 year replacement period that most phone users follow as replaceable batteries can extend the lifespan of a phone at least 2x (in years).

So in m example a 3000 mah Note would had been ver thin and by carrying an extra battery (3000 mah is tiny and unlike powerbanks can fit in your waller esepcially if they follow the long/wide- thin form that some Samsungs of the ppast followed) you would basically have 6000 mah for the day (back home you would charge both the phone and extra battery on a battery cradle all the while using a (home spare) while the charging was happening... It is simple really.

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One and a half year after S7 and Samsung still struggles to beat it. Barely 10% faster and probably worse battery.

I am telling ya. At this point Samsung is moving backwards, just jump ship. Her times of glory are over and what better indicator than the trashing of the series that became the symbol of her greatness (in the times of yore), the Note Series which at this point follows most late year flagships in most of everything (Note 3 and 4 used to lead the pack even 6 months after their release)...

ResolvePi, 13 Aug 2017I agree, but the truth is, phones are improving so quickly, and ... moreIf no one is complaining to make these $1000 smartphones a bit more worth it like with a bigger battery, you settle for being less?

ResolvePi, 13 Aug 2017I agree, but the truth is, phones are improving so quickly, and ... moreFrom experience, batteries go bad on me on the 18th month - 60% to 70% of how the initial battery capacity. That's 6 months short of any 2-year contract. By that time, that internal battery will balloon inside - imagine what effect that will do. I live in a tropical country, and my data consumption is around 3GB daily. The battery takes a beating, the Note7 under my close scrutiny for about 45 days of use before returning it can only give me up to 12+ hours while I usually stay out of the house 16+ hours.

As I have stated in my past posts, since the insistence of "sealed batteries" are the illogical trend, manufacturers should INCREASE the battery capacity, not DECREASE it. I for one need some 6000 mAh worth of power like with the Note7 to keep away from charging.

I could say 80% of smartphone users top up power during their waking time so it could last till night time. It's so silly, so they can flaunt having a 7mm thin phone - 2 to 3 mm thinner than what is required to house at least a 4000 mAh battery-equipped smartphone. Heck, I need 6000 mAh in order to use my smartphone till night time.

Make no mistake, I'm up for a "free" phone since the Note.5 era (of which I did not get for its no-memory expansion). That's 2 years waiting. I had to return the Note7, and never settled with any of the S7 and S8 models because the S Pen is essential. Yes, I want the fantastic fast-focusing superb camera too. Making the battery smaller so that this thing is 7mm+ thin defeats the great functionality it offers unless you have strategic chargers at all times, OR reduce usage.

Bottom line is,3300 mAh will be inadequate for a whole day's use, even more so with 6.3" of screen. Just like iPhone users, current Android users are reduced to carrying powerbanks and chargers ready at all the times.

AnonD-687487, 11 Aug 2017Leaked Geekbench score from the LG V30 is higher for the multico... moreV30 looks AMAZING! Lg completely changed my mind on how a smartphone should run with my G5. Fast, smooth, amazing dual camera, quick update to current os, etc., etc...

My next phone will be either the V30 or G7 :)

Smartphoner, 11 Aug 2017It's so sad to know that the phone all the world is waiting for ... more"It's so sad to know that the phone all the world is waiting for..."

I'm not waiting for it :)

DNeighbor, 12 Aug 2017This is the exact thoughts manufacturers do want you to think. I... moreI agree, but the truth is, phones are improving so quickly, and are fairly vulnerable to damage by their nature, so the 2 year upgrade path is accepted. Only exception is the 10 year old 'bottom drawer' emergency candybar phone (burner phone?) that we all have, normally an old Nokia! :)

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics are going to be shot and broadcast in 8K. You can bet that Sony will have an Xperia phone out by then that shoots in 8K, and so will Samsung and LG.

That's just 3 years away!

I rest my case M'Lud.

Again, I agree with you, but until phones reach a performance plateau (8K video, 8GB RAM, 128GB memory, USB-C, high speed long range wireless charging, PC level processing power to be used as modular computers - like the S8/S8+ dock etc), we'll need to buy another every few years. The system works because we can hand down our old phones to our kids, relatives, older friends etc who don't need the latest tech.

I have a Note5, and if it wasn't for the lack of USB-C (more reliable, easier to plug in etc) and the not to good battery life, I would probably keep it another year or so, because it's rock solid stable (no slow down), the camera is outstanding, it looks lovely, had high speed cabled and wireless charging etc. So, a Note8 it will be!

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Is it stereo speakers ?

DNeighbor, 12 Aug 2017Note7 for my region came with a free wireless charging backpack.... moreStill can't move on with the sealed battery?
Come on. No phone offers removable battery nowadays.
Stay stuck in the past man! Good luck!

  • Cheap Xiaomi casual.

People are still way too obsessed with synthetic benchmarks, as if their life depended on it.

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Anonymous, 12 Aug 2017IPhone 8 is not getting 8 or 9000 multi coreIt gets ABOUT 9,000 Multicore score. that means it's around that score. it could also mean the device scores 8,700 or 9,300. and about the core count. I DID mention that iPhones only recently moved to 4 cores. but where did you understand iPhones are 8 cored devices?

Droid, 12 Aug 2017You talk about single core. What about multicore?? Last year sam... moreBeat by what, few hundreds point? they almost on par with multitasking score, now 9000 on geekbench 4 shows that even multitasking processing power is behind in android, just admit that apple has best chip in a world and no one is close to it