HTC outs Q2 2017 results

14 August 2017
The company posted revenues of NT$16.1B ($531M) and net loss of NT$1.95B ($64.3M).

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  • Anonymous

Someone Help This Company!!!

HTC never offered, complete package like Samsung for price they asked and never sold mid range or low end phone for affordable price, because they think HTC brand is still premium, I sorry HTC but your brand long time ago doesn't mean anything, all management should be fired long time ago, they should approach markets like Chinese brands offer cheap phone with decent price to vet back their customers and later think about increasing prices

  • Anonymous

HTC used to produce great phones.. One X+, One S, Legend, HD2, Touch Diamond 2, HTC Pro 2.. In fact HTC was the first to kill the iPhone with the HTC Touch.. The HTC Legend pioneered the metal unibody phone with removable battery no less! The One S introduced ceramified aluminum back.. The HD2 is one of the first phone to receive Android 7.1.1, and I bet it will be one of the first to receive Android O!! We miss you HTC please come back into the game

  • Anonymous

Used to own two HTC's, Desire Z and One M8. The Desire Z was basically like a corded phone and my One M8 was simply way overpriced for what I expected to get for the absurdly high price - didn't really care for the horrible screen-to-body ratio or the camera. So after upgrading to a Nexus 6, it felt like I got a phone worth it's price and that was also one my rare phones in the last decade that I used for two whole years or longer. Both HTC's I sold after owning them for about a year, the M8 being a really hard one to sell too. Took literally two months!

  • Gopi Veeramsetti

Please give best mobiles in under 15k to 20 with best CPU processor and cameras and battery life is 4000 mah if you have not interested low end mobiles the losses is continue life long also

  • Danny

HTC was once a great brand, I still rock an HTC M9 to the HTC 10, which they almost got everything right..but now they have gone downhill, It is sad to see a company that was once great, but I'm betting that they won't last long, my next phone ain't gonna be an HTC, It's gonna be a Sony, because I have used Sony phones for a long time, and they always has been a joy to use...

  • AnonD-19330

Htc was the must have device for the techie 10 years ago. They took that advantage and followed Apple and Samsung design to try and hit the mainstream market. By doing that they turned there backs on the sector that gave them an advantage. They have always had the potential to tap into segments where other manufacturers fail but because they keep trying to compete with the likes of Samsung they just keep messing up.
They need to step back and hit the smaller niche segments...... 3.5mm, removable battery, micro sd, sub 5" devices, hardware keyboards. get the forgotten users onside and grow from that. Otherwise they will be another no name brand completing with the Chinese budget phone which their arrogant pricing makes it a fail. For premium price you need a premium product and all that goes with it (marketing, reputation, desirability) which HTC just no longer has.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-368020, 14 Aug 2017HTCs problems 1. Should reduce cost on phone quality and design... moreAlso CEO and the gangs paycheck maybe too much.

  • el3ctr1c4l

The best phone they ever made was One M7, best design, best sound, smooth as silk, fast...etc, loved that phone. That shiny U11, looks like a cheap Chinese noname, it seams like they lost that HTC touch of creativity. I personally wouldn't buy that U11, ever as a gift, I'll sell it in a minute. Sorry HTC but, you have to get back to your roots, design a phone like you used too, bring back the Boomsound like M7 had, make your phones easy to repair, use Sony or Omnivision camera sensors, not Toshiba...etc and finally, listen to what the fans want. Thank you
PS: bring back 3.5" JACK !! Let Apple use their "shiet" connector and forget about them, nobody likes it, it's done.

  • AnonD-685510

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017Htc, you must understand that nobody want your phones, overprice... moreSome people on seem bent on trying to find a reason to criticize HTC for even the smallest of things, that are complete non-issues. I have never seen such extreme level of scrutiny on any other phone....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-402029, 14 Aug 2017HTC U 11 price is normal compared to other flagship and it is eq... moreIts price is more than the s8. Plus if they want to gain money, they should sell midrange phones with reasonable price, not mid-range with flagship price like u play and ultra

  • AnonD-368020

HTCs problems
1. Should reduce cost on phone quality and design. It's not worth it. If your phone last for more than 5 years. It's great. After that it's obsolete. Spend more on configuration and advertising.
2.They Failed to make any good mid-range phones. Other than flagship I don't even know any HTC phones
3. Failed to recognize what customer wants eg. Camera, battety, music etc.
4. Very poor branding. Should learn something from oppo and vivo. Many don't know and don't care about HTC.
5. Launch max 2 very good mid-range phones in 300 to 500$ bracket and make it successful. Eg. Motor G series. Samsung J series. Lenovo k series. Etc. Once you have a winner slowly increase it's series price and launch new models in it's name. Eg. Motor G series, X series etc.
HTC don't have any winner series at all. They need to get at least one model right. When it comes to flagship phones people prefer to play safe side and go for obvious brands like Samsung and iPhone.

  • Rave

AnonD-538464, 14 Aug 2017Just one time HTC...spend on Marketing. Get a proper Marketing f... moreThats true non of my friends know that HTC still makes phones anymore but its also true that their prices are almost as much as S8 but samsung can afford to do it.I bought my Lg G6 because its excellent price to performance ratio

  • MKL

AnonD-402029, 14 Aug 2017HTC U 11 price is normal compared to other flagship and it is eq... moreIt is overpriced. You can get a S8 for $549 and G6 for below $400 and sometimes even below $300.

  • Anonymous

Htc, you must understand that nobody want your phones, overpriced and naked of software features.

  • Fitbri

Great phones. Love my One A9 and my fiend has a 10. But yes, marketing guys

  • Anonymous

The Tom Daley U11 ad is actually really good; it's probably the first time in half a decade that HTC has put out a good phone commercial. I don't know why they didn't replicate the same ad in China with a Chinese diver. Though I guess the Chinese sports administration is notorious for giving athletes the boot for doing commercial sponsorship deals.

  • Rubel

HTC = Help The Company.
It is obvious if they don't change product design and price, HTC( High Tech Computer Corporation) will be the past.

  • Carlitosway567

In my opinion that its been the only SUPER down fall of HTC was when they forgot about the best phone the HTC ever made in all of the phones they have produced the HTC one max they shouldn't have forgot this phone all htc had to do to was up grade the phone and the software from a HTC one max to a new and improved HTC 2 max and not all of the other phones they came out with

  • AnonD-402029

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017Htc phone price is very high. So ,we are unable to buy your phoneHTC U 11 price is normal compared to other flagship and it is equipped with good camera. i do think HTC dont have good advertisement to attract customer. look at Oppo, overpriced device as usual with not high performance spec + high MP front camera (meh) but hey its our celebrity in Oppo ads.

I personally choose HTC over Oppo because they make good OS but the ladies like Oppo. the aww aww also like Oppo.