HomePod will launch in Q4 this year in limited quantity

15 August 2017
Initial stock of Apple's smart home speaker will be 500,000 units.

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AnonD-94869, 17 Aug 2017You are very clueless and ignorant. Ipod was the best sound... moreNow there is Fiio, that is destroying Apple in sound quality. Back then there were Cowon, Sandisk and many others that i can't even remember.
I belive Cowon is probably the best case.
Macbooks Pro and that little Macbook 12 have a decent speakers (for what they are), but there are toons of competition with a much better ones - you might notice there is gaming laptop market O.o. Being average at best is probably not what you had in mind.

Well to be honest Mackbook 12 probably does not have a competition in term of speaker sound quality (Xiaomi Air 12 is not even close).

Not to mention there are toon of devices that have a much better analog audio output. Macbooks are stucked in past with their subpar solutions with low sound quality and subpar amplifiers.

iMacs speakers are just garbage.

Those are not "paper" experiences i had and i have Apple products + some of my friends use them as well. It's my opinion as a person that loves audio and actualy can tell when something is sounding subpar.

Apple headphones sucks balls, Apple speakers in Mackbook Pro are average at best, Mackbook 12 in its category rocks, iMacs are barely better sounding AIOs etc.
But what they all have in common is that audio output via their soundcards - 3,5mm jack if you will, is low quality even for cheap motherboards with realteks onboard.

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    • AnonD-94869
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    • 17 Aug 2017

    Fearghast, 17 Aug 2017You on the other hand may try to switch your brain to reaso... moreYou are very clueless and ignorant. Ipod was the best sounding portable device, no matter what size or model. Ipod has powerful headphones amplifier and the best sound on market.....until Fiio begun to make portable audio players. Now Fiio is far beyond any iPod. But iPod was the best for many beautiful years. Iphone 2, 3, 3s, 4, 4s were the best sounding mobile phones thanks to the same powerful hp amplifier taken from the iPods. But htc was better for headphones maniacs beginning with m7, m8, m9, 10. Apple laptops , desktops and monitors always had very high quality speakers and very powerful amplifiers for hp output. You do not know nothing about apple sound quality and you talk from the books, not from your personal experience. You are poor and ignorant and full of blind hate. Intelligent speakers are these new speakers from Amazon, Google and Microsoft who can answer to your stupid questions and all are mono and very expansive. Chill out

      AnonD-94869, 16 Aug 2017Try to switch your brain from the hate mode. Seek and see t... moreYou on the other hand may try to switch your brain to reasonable mode :-D
      Who cares competition has mono speaker? I certaily couldn't care for those low quality ... things.
      What do you call "inteligent" speaker, that sucks sound wise? Inteligent noise maker?

      Realy who cares for your first world problem "Apple vs. world"? This is about music ... and Apple sucks in this category, big time. It might change, but we all now Apple is know for donwgrading sound quality not making something sounding better.

      Being better in turd category ...

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        • 16 Aug 2017

        Fearghast, 16 Aug 2017You realy have to love those "gaming headphones" with 10 dr... moreTry to switch your brain from the hate mode. Seek and see the configuration of these 7 speakers plus subwoofer and 6 microphones. Apple homepod is by far the most advanced intelligent speaker. The rest have just one single speaker like a 20 euro speaker. It is true i consider totally useless these intelligent speakers and i like more a classic speaker like harman kardon aura. "More isn't alway better in sound department.". Hahhahahaha !!! You are clueless, hater !!!! Less is worse for sure, especially when you have a mono speaker like Google.

          AnonD-94869, 16 Aug 2017Apple homepod has 7 speakers plus subwoofer. It is the best... moreYou realy have to love those "gaming headphones" with 10 drivers :-P
          More isn't alway better in sound department.
          It's just a gimmicky 360 bluetooth speaker.

          Let's hope it will be better than a simple speaker, otherwise it will be fail. Well Apple audio products usualy sucks so nothing new i guess ...

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            • 16 Aug 2017

            Isn't like every Apple launch so called limited release

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              • 16 Aug 2017

              m, 16 Aug 2017$350 for that?! No way! But the worst part is that they wil... moreApple homepod has 7 speakers plus subwoofer. It is the best from all intelligent speakers. It is the only intelligent speaker with this audio configuration on the market. The rest from Google, Amazon are just MONO with a single speaker.


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                • 16 Aug 2017

                $350 for that?! No way! But the worst part is that they will sell millions of those! I fell sad and sorry for those who will fall for it

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                  • 15 Aug 2017

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                    • 15 Aug 2017