Counterclockwise: Nokia genetics and the features it evolved

20 August 2017
The Nokia 8 has an impressive pedigree and quite the family name to live up to.

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  • ayoub akbari

EDDDDDDDDD, 22 Aug 2017I do think Nokia still a lot of "Mobile telecommunication P... moreI agree with you elop was a real Trojan horse , that's why the ex nokians must be aware of this, they should not allow the another one , they can prevent any kind of the situation by licensingright and similar actions and reactions
I hope that the ex nokians and hmd start foray to surprise the tech world
Certainly they have more than enough experience and knowledge potential to be a real killer we all eager to see how it goes

  • AnonD-695313

Nothing like NOKIA...

  • ayoub akbari

Nokia phones cannot compete with apple because they have a poor and slow platform nokians are best experto but if they would /will be enough brave to make another platform based on Linux like meego or better, they have potential to be a real killer we all eager to see the nokia,s own platform special a Linux based on

  • AnonD-665529

EDDDDDDDDD, 22 Aug 2017I do think Nokia still a lot of "Mobile telecommunication P... moretrue


I do think Nokia still a lot of "Mobile telecommunication Patents". Hence Apple recently paid Nokia a huge bill in billions for using their technology without acknowledging their use of technology. Elop was the "trojan-horse" that was sent to kill and steal Nokia's huge array or mobile-related patents to microsoft.

I believe that the 3 biggest innovators in the early telecommunication world are:

Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson.

The rest innovated on what was already started by these 3.

AnonD-677638, 21 Aug 2017I am using a Samsumg phone but my heart belongs to Nokia. I too am using Samsung after Nokia. I tried a iPhone 4s but after using Symbian and my last Nokia being the N8. The iPhone was so limiting. I found Android to be like Symbian flexible and customizable. I will not go back to the Nokia brand made by HMD. Even though the compony is made of ex Nokia workers.

People still ranting nonsense, please read until the last sentence, there is no Nokia anymore, Nokia is dead, HMD is the company now and they just use name Nokia, so if you think is the same, definitely you delusional. It is up to HMD and true to create something new and bring best features from Nokia old times. Ozo and mimics of clearance sounds great, I hope they will catch up with competition and improve competition for everyone's sake :)

  • Anonymous

Ank, 21 Aug 2017Hey guys you forget Nokia also introduced Wireless charging... moreYeah, everybody forgets how Nokia was years ahead offering wireless charge in 2012(!).

  • Eddy

True innovation..with fresh looking design, waiting for 5g connection..impressive right..

  • Aadrian

AnonD-655832, 21 Aug 2017808 could only handle its gigantic 41MP sensor thanks to Sy... moreYou are right, and unfortunately, because after there wasn't a Lumia 1030 coming I gave up hope of such an amazing cameraphone coming out anytime soon.

  • AnonD-665529


First brand to develop smartphones
First to introduce camera and internet in smartphone
First to give FM transmitter
First to offer high end camera tech Pureview
First to incorporate AMOLED and LED panels
First to use Corning Gorilla
First to use OIS (Lumia 920)
First to use Xenon flash
First to offer USB type C (Nokia N1 tab)
First to offer iris scanner (Microsoft lumia 950)
First to offer multitasking in phones
First to offer Wireless charging (Lumia 920)
First to offer Offline map (HereMap)
First to incorporate innovative techs like Clear black diplay, Carl zeiss, OZO audio, N-Gage, 41 mp sensor, 64 gigs of storage when phones were limited to 16 gigs, Puremotion HD display and the list can be endless as it offered large variety of phones in different ecosystem like Symbian, Meamo, Meego, Microsoft mobile, Android (X series) and now again back with android. If you go with a design line they were completely different phone N 92, N 95, N 97 and so on. Love Nokia father of all smartphones.

  • Ank

Hey guys you forget Nokia also introduced Wireless charging few years back ! I know every mobile company copied nokia

A really well written article. Great use of words and perfect sentence framing. Good job to the editor of this article. Need more gold stuff like this from you.

release 1 new phone similar to n97 ... i buy that one ...

  • Anonymous

when i was still a student. i always love nokia device. but no money to buy their flagship. now have some money, but no more nokia like before. look at those n series :( have an iphone now but im still a little sad that i was not able to have one of nokias flagship those days :(

  • AnonD-685782

I couldn't control my tears after reading this.

  • AnonD-655832

808 could only handle its gigantic 41MP sensor thanks to Symbian. No other smartphone OS would work with its large dedicated image processor custom made by Toshiba. Neither will nowadays' flagship chipsets handle that sensor without serious lag hence we're not to see its sequel anytime soon.

  • AnonD-677638

I am using a Samsumg phone but my heart belongs to Nokia.

  • Aadrian

It's a matter of time before Nokia buys up HMD if business goes well enough and phones are sold plenty. Most phones mentioned in the article are either still in my collection or I have owned them years ago. Nokia is great, synonymous for mobile tech.

  • Anonymous