Four Alcatel phones leak ahead of IFA: Alcatel A7 XL, A3 Plus and U5 HD

21 August 2017
These are budget and mid-range phones with screens ranging from 5" to 6".

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  • AnonD-627746

Before, Alcatel is quite called "Favorite" when it comes to midrange & budget friendly phones but suddenly they've gone on the spotlight when after sales service problems comes in "Flash Plus 2" (which is a great phone) which is known to be their flagship phone that time although Flash Plus 2 was no longer alcatel in terms of service. So let's see and let's hope for the best this time for Alcatel.

  • AnonD-667389

The Alcatel A7 XL looks promising if its much better than the alcatel pixi 4 6 inch 4g model and the price is cheap!!!

  • AnonD-519850

Too bad Alcatel is a cheap smartphone model. They could surprise us with a decent flagship, they have been into phones for ages.