Samsung Galaxy Note8 unveiled with dual camera, 6.3" Infinity Display

23 August 2017
Live Focus will create a shallow depth of field effect that you can adjust at any time.

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  • AnonD-345931

The back camera part of the phone looks like pure cancer. Get that $h!t off from an, otherwise, beautiful looking phone. Though flat screen are always better to use.

  • Anonymous

Best QHD+ HDR Display
Best SOC
Best Gigabit LTE
Best Gigabit Wifi
Best UFS Storage
Best USB 3.1
Best S-Pen technology
Best dual camera
Best Touchwiz interface
Best Design of mobile phone
Best build quality
and BEST of all
3.5mm jack.

Best phone of 2017 AND first half of 2018 easily

  • Anonymous

techknow, 24 Aug 2017Close to a perfect phone. Hater gonna hate....probably 2nd to th... moreSecond for software optimisation? You're joking right?

Hands down, so far best phone of the year, Mate 10 doesn't have any chance, well we need to wait now for V30, which looks promising. Note8 camera looks very impressive, Samsung smartly waited to mature dual camera technology, it is definitely best dual camera combo available in any smartphone

  • AnonD-635604

That Dark Blue..

  • Anonymous

The back design at the camera area looks good. That's how LG should have to make the G5's and V20's back. Instead of that face-like ugly design:

But it has a single large camera glass like LG phones, so it might be susceptible to shattergate (fragile camera glass) like LG phones.

However, Note 8 is one of the worst phones. As opposed to LG V20, it has glass back, curved screen edges, curved screen corners, non-standard aspect ratio, no bezels. No removable battery, no FM radio, no IR remote.

Close to a perfect phone. Hater gonna hate....probably 2nd to the Pixel in terms of software optimization but wow that s pen, dual camera....just too good. Apple is years behind this

  • AnonD-647900

Rafe Firmani, 23 Aug 2017Much better still, get u11 Great phone and not even note 8 can ... morePerhaps wait for official comparisons before making claims like that?

  • AnonD-647900

samseng, 23 Aug 2017Hmm that price...about £870 ,but people love and say great... moreThat's not Crony's best phone compare the launch price of XZP instead which was very expensive for a plastic phone lol

  • AnonD-647900

AnonD-258858, 23 Aug 2017My NOTE 4 still rocks; i dont find any reason to upgrade it. IP6... moreDon't feel bad your old phone is still good.

  • AnonD-647900

"Both are optically stabilized, a first among similar setups," Sammy innovating once again!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2017Burn in issues are already seen on s8.. Matter of time for n8 t... moreDead pixels and bad backlights seen in other lcd models. Oh well.

See. I told you all Note8 is not impressive. Main target market are ex-Note7 users. Even during the intro of the keynote they specifically tells the story of Note7 failure and videos of Note7 users being disappointed at it and finally apologized again for it. If S8 didnt exist maybe it would impress with the Infinity display but that is old now. There is no WOW factor at all. Not disappointing either. It just 'meh' for me. Feels like a slightly upgraded S8+. I hope Samsung innovate more on S9, not improved things just slightly.

  • Anonymous

Burn in issues are already seen on s8..
Matter of time for n8 to be next..

People still wank the number game? Lol ok. By all means, go for your 4k mah phones. Fewer note 8 users is better. Sorts out the ignorant posers from the true note afficionados.

  • Anonymous

This is like the Macbook Pro 2016 of smartphones :D

  • AnonD-689121

A battery like this for power users? Will wait for the Mate 10...

  • Hoffmann

Let's see what the V30 and Mate 10 has to offer.

  • AnonD-258858

Savor, 23 Aug 2017Note 4 was the last great Note like S5 was to the S, G5 was to t... moreIR blaster, huge removable battery, front fingerprint scanner & flat screen are must have for true NOTE users. I'm heavily disappointed.

  • AnonD-258858

UltimateZeroSeconds, 23 Aug 2017You don't know the world climate has changed, something you can ... moreAlmost 3yrs+ using, never ever felt like getting an IP68 mobile;
as I've previously said, personal preference & usage.
I'm not at all heavy outdoor/adventurous mobile user.

I didn't find anything very new or extra capable in this series of NOTE, which my NOTE 4 won't be able to accordingly to my personal requirement.