Black BlackBerry Keyone lands at AT&T on September 1 [Updated]

24 August 2017
Meanwhile, the unlocked BlackBerry Keyone (standard color) is now available in Canada for real.

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  • AnonD-697323

make it simply whole touchscreen and add some rams and storages and these might be the one of them.

  • AnonD-697323

just remove that keyboards and i wil think over it.

  • AnonD-333483

This phone is really tempting me. I'm holding back till the IFA completes though. Lets see what surprise BB will give this time.

  • AnonD-598677

i miss old bb os😄

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 20174gb/64gb or still 3gb/32gb?3/32

Fifty dollars cheaper than buying outright

But it will have ATT bloatware and probably not receive updates

Just get the Indian version. They are all over eBay.

Indian version has all the bands. It is going to be released globally as the International version.

  • Anonymous

4gb/64gb or still 3gb/32gb?

  • AdamBoy64

Oh, so it doesn't come with the upgraded specs (4GB/32GB)..?

Well, the colour looks quite nice.

  • Anonymous

I find this phone really appealing. BlackBerry did an excellent job.

  • Anonymous

ATT Bloatware.

Better specs on the Indian version.

Get the Indian version if you want a black KeyOne.