Shipments for Essential Phone have begun

26 August 2017
The confirmation came in the form of a tweet from the company's official Twitter account.

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  • Harrison Wells

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2017that camera setup just ruins it.. Get the iphone 8 insteadUnless the iPhone 8 has three on screen buttons or has a dedicated multi-window view, the Essential's better with multitasking.

  • Savor

ikke, 26 Aug 2017Having a complete full screen looks nice, but the way it is... moreMany phones in the future will start looking like the Mi Mix and Essential. The iPhone 8 will look similar. It's a copycat industry and nearly everyone is headed in this design direction just like everyone will have to give in with no headphone jack and start using dongles.

I was watching Metal Jesus on YouTube and some girl accidentally tripped on the controller plug from his GameCube. They weren't using Wavebirds. That was the weakness of the 6th generation starting with the Dreamcast. Made me realize wireless is the way to go which didn't happen until the 7th gen with Xbox 360.

Andy Rubin is an interesting guy with interesting ideas. Looking forward to what more he will bring. The concept of losing the 3.5mm headphone jack for more wireless is starting to grasp with me. Eventually, no headphone and nearly bezel-less like what the Mi Mix, S8, Note8, G6, iPhone 8, and Essential will all dominate the industry.

It's amazing the Essential is only 141.5 mm tall and 71.1 mm wide but features a 5.7" display. It's smaller than the flat S7 and 5" Pixel. The form factor is what impresses me most from it. Ceramic is also far more scratch resistant and less brittle than glass. Just a shame Essential teamed up with only Sprint. This first gen will likely flop like the Amazon Fire Phone and Nextbit Robin.

Don't completely count out Andy Rubin (co-founder of Android) in the next few years.

  • Anonymous

Savor, 27 Aug 2017Coming from the father of Android, this a pretty good flags... moreThe camera ... I don't know. Lack of headphone jack is an industry standard at this point though... it basically forces the adoption of usb c headphobes... no need for two ports when you have one that potentially does everything. It is an upgrade...

3 years ago they sealed the battieries in a shockingly anti consumer move. Last year they took part of that curce back by removing the headphone jack. A very pro consumer move in the long run...

  • Anonymous

that camera setup just ruins it.. Get the iphone 8 instead

  • Savor

Coming from the father of Android, this a pretty good flagship for a first generation. The camera and no headphone jack is where it fails. I still look forward to more Essentials from Andy Ruben. The build quality seems excellent with ceramic and titanium steel. Rather get this or Nokia 8 over the $1000 Note8 and iPhone 8.

  • Anonymous

ikke, 26 Aug 2017Having a complete full screen looks nice, but the way it is... moreSame here, 100% agreed

  • Aadrian

I like this phone, but in green/gold, just awesome. But not available yet, only black and white.

  • Anonymous

Essentially gonna FLOP.

  • Disappointed Buyer

I ordered mine on August 16, they charged my credit card, and I still don't have a shipping notification or tracking number.

Ohh, at least theeen...

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2017The only change they added in the Android is the camera app... moreTo be honest after seeing some reviews most said the camera app is too basic. There is not much you can do manually with it. For a flagship it is quite underwhelming.

  • Anonymous

The only change they added in the Android is the camera app. So just give them enough time to perfect it. And it is a well designed phone for sure. This will be better than pixel itself.

  • ikke

Having a complete full screen looks nice, but the way it is done here and as it will be done at the upcoming iphone8 is not my cup of tea. I don't like bits missing, cuts out for the camera, etc. Do it right, or not! Especially for apple this is a big misser!
Samsung (S8, S8+ and Note8) doesn't have a completely full screen, but it looks so much elegant. This is what I prefer over the 'missing parts' (or as Xiaomi is doing it with the Mix/Mix2, as an alternative). Still, Samsung looks more elegant in my oppinion.

  • AnonD-687982

I am gonna order the Nokia 8 which is more essential then this so called essential phone

  • AnonD-687982

AnonD-694988, 26 Aug 2017That’s not true. They broke that promise tooOne of the terrible cameras in a flagship device

  • AnonD-694988

That’s not true. They broke that promise too