Shipments for Essential Phone have begun

Himanshu, 26 August 2017

Over a week ago, some of those who pre-ordered the Essential Phone (PH-1) started getting notifications that their unit is ready, and will be shipped within a week. Now, the company has confirmed that shipments for the device have finally begun.

If you're planning to purchase the phone, it's worth knowing that Best Buy has both unlocked as well as Sprint variants listed on its website. The carrier is also taking orders directly. Aside from Best Buy, Amazon is also selling the handset, although only the unlocked model.

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Reader comments

  • Harrison Wells

Unless the iPhone 8 has three on screen buttons or has a dedicated multi-window view, the Essential's better with multitasking.

  • Savor

Many phones in the future will start looking like the Mi Mix and Essential. The iPhone 8 will look similar. It's a copycat industry and nearly everyone is headed in this design direction just like everyone will have to give in with no headphone jack...

  • Anonymous

The camera ... I don't know. Lack of headphone jack is an industry standard at this point though... it basically forces the adoption of usb c headphobes... no need for two ports when you have one that potentially does everything. It is an upgrade... ...

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