Samsung Galaxy J7+ leaks in live images, video

28 August 2017
The design revealed by the leak is inline with what we've already seen.

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  • Lilla

When in spain

  • AnonD-672395

Dual Camera with one 13MP and another 5MP? I am guessing we should forget zoom capabilities on this one. Maybe the 2nd camera solely does effects like Boken and Depth of Field. I hope they add OIS on atleastone of those camera, though TBO, I am not too hopeful, since they don't Have it even in their Galaxy A Series.

  • Anonymous

release date in india??????

  • ChaiHu

This video made by John Sey, Cambodia.

  • Lollipop

Ng, 28 Aug 2017Samsung it is out of idea for model name? keep repeating J7J7WTF would you like that? XD

  • AnonD-695892

This leak come from Cambodia

Some poor dude who dropped $950 on a Note8: "Finally a dual camera phone by Samsung, now all the peasants at the office with their J5 and A5's will stop saying hey we both have Samsung phones, this clearly looks different"
Samsung: "hold my beer"

  • W11stop

AnonD-556313, 28 Aug 2017was going to buy j7 pro but i think i will wait for this one!!!Buy J7 pro in Best Price in all Over Pakistan

  • AnonD-556313

was going to buy j7 pro but i think i will wait for this one!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-695601, 28 Aug 2017Nice back. Why couldn't this be the back of the Note8?Agree!

abigfanoftechs, 28 Aug 2017I hope that the Note 8 will do really badly for the small b... moreThat possibility is as remote as you amounting to anything more than a waste of space.

  • AnonD-695601

Nice back. Why couldn't this be the back of the Note8?

  • hoseine

good very

  • AnonD-402029

AnonD-584545, 28 Aug 2017J7 pro has 3600mAh battery and this only have 300mAh batte... morein order to fit the ultimate Bixby button, sammy needs to reduce the battery capacity.

sporadic, 28 Aug 20173,000mAh, really? what's with the low battery trend.?DJ Koh already explained it. He said their chipset has been optimized better than ever. 30% more efficient with 95% effective capacity even after 2 years. He also said Samsung phone battery will keep getting smaller and smaller as they are integrating better technology in improving battery life. With introduction of 10nm processors and future 7nm processor this is very possible. Era of needing big battery will eventually end. That is the main goal. Imagine in the future a flagship smartphone with only 1000mah battery but with endurance rating over 90-100 hours. That is very impressive. Plus, shorter charging time and saving electricity as added benefits.

  • Anonymous

I need J7+ ram4G 64G fist choice than 32G

  • Anonymous

Oh man
From the clockspeeds it seems to be another helio p25 device from samsung
How many of them have they stocked in their godown

I hope that the Note 8 will do really badly for the small battery they fitted.

Listening to that language makes me uncomfortable.
Idk why

  • Indian

J7 Plus, J7 Minus, J7 NXT, J7 2017, N Other Coming Models U Will See Low Battery or Low Internal Memory or Low Ram or Many Sensor Missing...... LOL... I Will Say Redmi Note 4 Under 150 Dollar or Galaxy J7 2016 Second Hand or Lenovo P2 Better Choice :)