Samsung Galaxy J7+ leaks in live images, video

28 August 2017
The design revealed by the leak is inline with what we've already seen.

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  • AnonD-584545

J7 pro has 3600mAh battery and this only have 300mAh battery? Wht is that!!!?

  • River rafter

Just shows that Samsung's excuse for putting a small battery on the note 8 cause of last year's incident is just a lie. They are putting smaller batteries to save production cost so that they can loath in all the profit!! Such an immoral group of people this company has become! Put small batteries in all your devices!!!!!

  • Ng

Samsung it is out of idea for model name?
keep repeating J7

  • criss

sporadic, 28 Aug 20173,000mAh, really? what's with the low battery trend.?battery explosion maybe ...

  • Arya

Samsung use old chipset continually...
Galaxy j7 pro have some awesome features like premium build quality , amoled display , descent camera, good battery life but main con is outdated processor , underpower GPU, heavy Ui use half of storage space , 16gb model u got only 6 to 7gb storage space...
Now upcoming phone coming with new updated processor like sd630 and sd660..
But still Samsung midrange processor not beat sd625 ...
About GPU - Samsung always provide low grade GPU in its midrange phone...

  • sporadic

3,000mAh, really? what's with the low battery trend.?