Samsung launches Pink Galaxy Note8 in Taiwan

28 August 2017
The back panel, the metal rim, and the S Pen are all painted in Pink.

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  • Kirk

the way they're presenting it makes it look like a bar of soap...

Fingers crossed this makes it internationally. Or one could be imported.

  • Anonymous

aknouse, 28 Aug 2017she has a Samsung tattoo u r kidding, right? it's a paint-on...

  • Anonymous

Pink is one of the most favorite color in Taiwanese smartphone market.

The more color options the better. The ladies will love this pink.

  • AnonD-695654


  • AnonD-402029

aknouse, 28 Aug 2017she has a Samsung tattoo will be hard to get job under different company lol

  • aknouse

she has a Samsung tattoo

Disgusting, i hate this kind of pink|-|

  • Anonymous

i need more pink

  • Anonymous