Essential phone to finally reach customers' hands on August 31

29 August 2017
Last week, it was officially announced that shipments for the Essential Phone (PH-1) have begun.

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  • Anonymous

Essential Phone but no 3.5mm jack?

Alcatel Pixi 3 4.5, 29 Aug 2017Better late than neverThat's absolutely true.

Ohh finally...

  • Anonymous

Keep your essentials to yourself
Too late

  • Anonymous

If only the camera was of s8,pixel or iPhone quality. Everything else is nearly perfect including the price. Camera being a primary key on a flagship I think this phone will struggle, badly wanted to order one too :(

  • Anonymous

Too expensive for a phone taking in account that bezeless is already available on other high end phones of highly known brands without the weird prodruding camera on the top. Too late for a real success.

  • raklik

AnonD-695532, 29 Aug 2017Not worth as iPhone 8 is around the corner!? What exactly you mean?? Just because a phone with different OS will come out means that Essential doesn't worth? When you people stop comparing totally different things even if both devices have same scope?? are damn different!!! IOS cannot replace Android as Android cannot replace IOS!

Better late than never

  • Anonymous

LG V30 around the corner

  • AnonD-695532

Not worth as iPhone 8 is around the corner