Essential phone to finally reach customers' hands on August 31

Himanshu, 29 August 2017

Last week, it was officially announced that shipments for the Essential Phone (PH-1) have begun. While it was certainly good news, those who pre-ordered the phone were put off see that the tracking info the company shared didn't provide any estimate on delivery.

That's, however, changing now, as those with tracking info are now able to see a final delivery date, which is August 31 (or this Thursday).

Though it's less likely that there will be any further delay this time around, given what all has been happening ever since the phone was announced, we'd advise you against getting your hopes too high. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our hands-on story for the PH-1.

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  • Anonymous

Essential Phone but no 3.5mm jack?

That's absolutely true.

Ohh finally...

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