Cat S41 and Cat S31 hands-on review

31 August 2017
Many flagships today have IP68 rating, but they are not rugged. You know what's rugged? These two!

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  • fifia

The S31 one makes a good push-to-talk (PTT) phone with its Programmable Key and front-facing speaker. However, need to make sure that the PTT app will respond to the Programmable key settings well.

I've tried several PTT apps, and found the one that works perfectly well with CAT S31, called VoicePing. Search it on Play Store, and download to try it! Or just click this link:­

  • jayjayjay

Will this be available in the Philippines. I reckon we need it because of the weather conditions.

Wow, why didn't they used a SD630 instead of that lame Helio P20? The 630 is more powerful, more battery-efficient and you don"t have to pay for new drivers each time a major update is rolled. Yes, I know that Project Treble exists but adapted drivers are always better.

Also, why didn't they used something else than this SD210? At the very least 410, better if 430, and perfect if 450.

  • Kirk

The actual brick phone that everyone is talking about, Would buy it for long travels or camping...

  • AnonD-141584

I like the Cat phones.

But why did n't they upgrade their flagship phone Cat S60 to Nougat?

Why not add DAB radio too and a stylus?

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • Force Majeure

Snapdragon 210? This wasn't even worth reading... :-/